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Best Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Some brides have a clear picture of their wedding which they have been thinking of for a long time. It is time to get this plan into action. Tying a knot outdoor is a fantastic idea.

This needs a little ahead of time preparation and faith that Mother Nature will take care of the rest. This comes with a corollary to be prepared when nature changes it mood! Here are some ideas that will light up your outdoor wedding just the way you want.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas 

Let There Be Light

It is contradictory to say that in an outdoor wedding make arrangements for more lights. But believe me, it works wonders. Lights in the form of candles, floating candles, twinkling lights, lanterns or show lamps add romantic touch to the wedding.

You can keep floating candles in a bowl with water and petals as a center piece or light the aisle on both the sides by copper lanterns. You can decorate the  place near the candles with  boxes of coated almond and chocolate medley.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley

Drape The Venue

Covering the venue in linen is the only decoration you can actually do in an outdoor ceremony. Use white and blue decorating linen to make up the back drop where the actual ceremony will take place. In case of Jewish weddings the wooden frame is also draped with these linens.

You can add color and dimensions using drapes. Make arrangements for colorful drapes set loose from trees, add colorful napkins and table clothes. The linen set free from trees will also provide shade in case the sun comes out. Boxes of almond purist chocolate can be kept on the tables for the guests.

Almond Purist Chocolate


As it is natural background, centrepieces are also meant to be natural. Flowers are included in an indoor wedding too. But in this wedding they need to be rooted in firm glassware which does not blow away with the wind. You can decorate the back drop with potted flowering plants which look raw and rustic but beautiful. F


This is a decor that needs a lot of thinking and weather forecast to design. You cannot have a tiered cake covered in icing on a sunny morning. So you can’t have a decorative tall cake in a short marquee! In this case have cakes ordered from rich cakes . It will look simple but will satisfy your taste buds.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Here and There

This is more vague idea, but will work bang on! Have pebbles or stones make some design near the stage. Cover the aisle with flower petals or design the aisle with petals. You can have food items scattered around the place in fancy china. These may include dark-n-light-jumble/ or fruit-chocolate/ to feed the hungry guests before the reception. You can also keep juices of various types in jars and serve them to prevent dehydration.


Outdoor weddings can be themed like cliff, sea faced or beach weddings. Modify the above setting with respect to the location. Your ceremony can be remembered for a longer duration if you work on the details. Include all the family members in this decoration team. Also make some place for balloons, ribbons and gas lanterns. Another idea to mark your wedding is setting free a bunch of balloons or lighting floating lamps.

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