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Best Ideas To Plan A Princess Birthday Party For Your Princess

Is your daughter in love with Disney Princesses? Then why not organize a princess birthday party for her? Small girls just simply adore Disney Princesses. Hence, it would be a wonderful idea to build a theme around their favorite character. The party will definitely be enjoyed by her little guests too.

There are thousands of ideas that can be used and its best to get started immediately in order to achieve the perfect party that your daughter desires.

Plan A Princess Birthday Party For Your Princess

Planning The Party

Having a budget can be beneficial so grab a pen and paper and write down the expenses that will arise. Dress up your angel as a princess by getting an outfit of any Disney Princess like Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel. There are tons of ideas for a Disney Princess birthday party, but use your own imagination to give them a personal touch and make it special for your sweetheart. Do check out a good cake like the Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake.

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Party Invitations

Get a sparkly necklace or bracelet made up with glittery balls in pink, purple or white. Attach a card with the details to it.

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A simple invitation card can also be made by placing a clip art of any of the Disney princess family on the top of the card. This is quite popular and indicates the theme. Make a magical invitation card by attaching princess tattoos to them. Each guest has to wear the tattoos on the day of the party to gain entrance.

Party Food

A princess cupcake castle will be a super-dooper hit at the party, especially with the little ones. Serve sandwiches and pretty pink snacks. A pink lemonade or fruit punch would be great and having ham salad or cream cheese and strawberry jam would also be good. Kids would love gelatin or jetty cut with a unique cookie cutter. Spread raspberry jam on crackers and make them interesting by piling them on top of one another.

Party Games

The concept of pinning the donkey’s tail can be applied to make a game of pinning the empty window on the princess’s tower. Kids will have a blast with fun musical chairs played with passing the crown. The winning princess will be the last girl. A very effective Disney Princess party idea is to provide craft items like tiaras and sashes to the kids and ask them to make something. A beauty parlor can be created where every guest is beautified like a princess with lip gloss and blush. Parade the dressed up girls around the garden and record the entire thing for memories.

Party Decorations

Make a realistic Disney Princess ball with party decorations like feather boas, cut out decorations and banners for a magical effect. Pamper the girls by giving them tiaras and crowns. Princess party supplies and table decorations will be a hit. Be sure to provide napkins, plates and glasses. Give a dazzling effect by sprinkling some glitter on the table. Hand out princess’s jewelry as party favors. Use tons of candies and sweets for a customized goody box. The Princess birthday party will be incomplete without a regal bouquet of balloons at the entrance or the main area.

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Make your daughter happy and give the guests a happy ever after with this dream Princess birthday party. As party favors think Sophisticated Chocolate collection in cute princess wrappings!

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