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Best Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

Chocolate truffles are delightful and tempting spherical or curved lumps of cream and chocolate. They are usually coated in chocolate, chopped nuts, icing sugar or cocoa powder. Truffles can be made using bitter-sweet dark, milk and white chocolate. You will find ones that contain both familiar and exotic ingredients in the fillings inside.

Chocolate truffles are handmade chocolates and make ideal gifts. Any talented cook can make a batch or two at home but the commercially made ones beat these in terms of fillings, flavors and dazzling designs and shapes. Gift a truffle box from the collection and listen to the wows and sighs of delight. You can also choose from these popular 18 pc truffle boxes.

Five Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

18Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box

In the 18Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box you will find quality chocolates in various nutty and spicy flavors. The flavors include cocoa, rum, coconut and mocha. Those looking for spice flavored pieces will enjoy the five spice truffle and the dark spice truffle.

18 Pc. Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box

These are truffles made from the finest Belgian dark chocolates. The Extravaganza collection can be gifted for weddings and other occasions. They make wonderful gifts for chocolate lovers on their birthdays.

18Pc Finest Chocolate Assortment Box

The 18Pc Finest Chocolate Assortment Box is a fine combination of truffles made from luxurious Belgian couventure of both dark and milk varieties. These delicious spherical balls have a spicy or nutty taste. You can taste the pista truffle or choose the rum raisin truffle.

18 Pc. Finest Chocolate Assortment Box

Those looking for spice or mocha won’t be disappointed as this pack contains both types of truffles. For more variations, you can try the nutty marble truffle. This assorted box makes a wonderful gift for the special someone in your life. You can also gift this box in a professional capacity to your clients and colleagues.

18Pc Ultimate Truffle Gift Box

This gift box is suitable for gifting to married couples on their wedding day or their anniversary. You can gift them to your sister or best friend who happens to be female. Why stop at women? If your best mate like chocolates and enjoys truffles, cement your bond with this pack.

The 18Pc Ultimate Truffle Gift Box comes in enticing fruity and nutty flavors. The dark chocolate truffles comes in variations such as the orange truffle, peanut brittle truffle, nutty truffle, almond truffle, five spice truffle and the caramel toffee.

18 Pc. Ultimate Truffle Gift Box

18Pc Chocolate Truffle Box

The 18Pc Chocolate Truffle Box comes with truffles made from dark and white chocolates. These are hand made creations derived from the finest of cocoa beans. The confectionery is a mix of ingredients and flavors. You get a taste of  Indian spice, pista, rich cocoa, caramel, peanuts and oranges in the truffles.


Gift one of these boxes to someone who loves chocolates and see their faces light up in delight. Your spouse is sure to love this gift. These round shaped delicacies can be gifted to family and friends. They make good corporate gifts for those who enjoy high end or luxury chocolates.

18Pc Classic Truffles Collection

The truffles in 18Pc Classic Truffles Collection are a creative and tasty blend of nuts and cocoa. These are made from the best quality dark chocolates and retain the aroma of the beans while tantalizing your taste buds with almonds, pista and other nuts. You will find rum and mocha flavored truffles in this collection.

18 Pc. Classic Truffles Collection

You can send them as birthday gifts to anyone who enjoy sinking their teeth into some tasty and quality chocolates. Share them with someone who has never tasted truffles or Belgian chocolates. They are sure to thank you for introducing them to the taste of fine chocolate creations.

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