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Best Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

Special Gifts For Him

Husbands too love the idea of getting pampered in the hands of their better halves! If it’s his birthday, then the pampering has to increase manifolds.

Whether it’s by way of gifts, outing, you indulging behavior or good food, there have to be some element of indulgence, which will make them believe that the day is special indeed! If it’s your husband’s birthday and you are considering gifts that spell love, care and above all sheer indulgence, then take cues from the gift options given below.

Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

Cufflinks For The Man Who Loves To Dress

Exquisitely crafted platinum or silver cufflinks, in color that matches his favorite suit or tuxedo will make his day. If your man spends a lot of time in dressing and swears by the formal dress code for occasions, then gifting cufflinks will be a good option. These will give him that special sense of style and dressing, which he loves while dressing up! Gift them with a beautiful Real feather rose, to compliment the day.

Real Feather Rose

Coffee Mugs For The Cuppa Boy

Does your man love his hot cuppa, many times a day? If yes, then gift him cute or sleek looking coffee mugs, depending upon his taste and choice of color. These could be made all the more, by filling in neatly with chocolates and then wrapping them up into a pouch shaped parcel. Get chocolates like Birthday celebrations to make it special all the more.

Birthday Celebrations

Food Basket For The Foodie Is A Big Hit

If your husband is a food fanatic and always looks forward to getaways when he can binge, then choosing a gift basket, which contains all his favorite goodies, will be a perfect celebration gift. Create a customized gift basket, with fruits, cheese, his favorite brand of wine or champagne, chocolates, cookies and perhaps, good quality tacos or nachos. For a gift hamper, you can buy either a Custom birthday mix or simply create your own by filling it with choicest cookies to the tune of Cherry chocochip nutty mix.

Custom Birthday Mix

Electronic Gadgets For The Technozar

Mostly husband swear by their gadgets and look forward to try newer technology every now and then. If splurging and indulgence is in your mind, then buy him his favorite tech device, which he has been looking forward to for some time.

It could be an Apple I phone 5 or the Mini tablet or maybe some other sci-fi play station that has fascinated him! You can always gift wrap it and present it to him with a cute I love you teddy.

i love you teddy

Shot Glass Or Whiskey Glass Set

These are good gifts for husbands, who love their drinks and are fascinated by the cute glasses that match their drinks. Gifting a cute shot glass set, or a set of whiskey glasses or beer mugs might come in handy for this boy! Fill each glass, with different types of chocolates. This will make it look good and make it feel special as well.

Dark Triple Startle

Try chocolates from Fruit and nut chocolate bar gift box and Dark triple startle. These gifts will make any husband’s day made for sure! Try them and make him fall in love with you, once again!

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