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Best Baby Gifts For Twins

Looking for the ideal baby shower gift for twins? Remember that you can put in a little more thought along with a box of custom birthday mix.The gifts for twin need not be boring. There are a lot of variations that you can choose. The idea is to give something that both the babies can use but are still unique.

Custom Birthday Mix

Be it fraternal twins or identical twins or even boy and girl, here are some practical and creative ideas that even moms will love, along with the kids!  So get out of boring ideas and add some fun. Check them out-

Best Baby Gifts For Twins

Celebrating the Twin’s arrival with a Keepsake

The new parents and grandparents will be delighted with this great idea. A bronzed celebration sculpture is Twin Babies in Loving Hands in which a pair of loving hands are holding sleeping twin babies. Designer resin is used to make it before it’s finished with a polished bronze effect. This keepsake is bound to make any mantel shine.

Personalized Cutlery Sets

A superb personalized gift idea for children is a boxed set of beautiful cutlery sets. This is not just a keepsake, but a good christening present. Moreover, it can be used practically rather than stuffing into a cupboard. Stylish steel cutlery makes up the three piece set (knife, spoon and fork).

Each of these is personalized with the name and has a cute teddy engraved on it. This can work great for twins as it keeps their things separate and helps them in recognizing their name. You can also add a raisin surprise chocolate box.

Raisin Surprise Chocolate Box

Floatie For Swimming Pool Use

At an early age, you can introduce your children to water with the aid of floaties for twins and work on your own stomach muscles as well through swimming. Taking twins to the pool on your own is difficult. But, with the Floatie Bouyancy Aid, your kids can become confident in water. You can also do with the extra pair of hands it provides with kids in water.

Identical Fun T-Shirts For Twins

A pair of girl/boy twins will look extremely cute in the matching romper suits you can get from Spoilt Rotten. They use 100% thick organic cotton for making them high quality. Organic farming methods are used in certified herbicide-free and pesticide-free soil. These shirts will be gentle on the skin of babies and will prevent allergies.

Twin Nursing Pillow

If the twins will be breast fed, the twin nursing pillow is a good choice as it helps feeding them at the same time. These pillows also have pockets that help in holding a water bottle for the mother and burp cloths for the kids.

Diaper Service/Cloths Diaper

At least twelve thousand diapers will be used by twins in a year. Cloth diapers are usually used by mothers of twins. Cloth diapers are typically available in sets of a dozen. They can be reused and are quite inexpensive. Moreover, with every washing, they become soft and are perfect for a baby’s skin.

Congratulations Card

You can sign up for a diaper service, if your budget allows. Payment is usually made for six months or a year or until toilet-training is completed. You can really help the parents out and save their cost of getting diapers for twins. Add some greeting cards to wish the parents too!

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