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Beach Wedding Ideas For the Couples

Traditional weddings are not for everyone. For those looking for an alternative, a beach wedding is an excellent way to celebrate this big day in your lives. A beach wedding is more than just a wedding; it is also a vacation and everyone is more relaxed.

The seaside itself is beautiful which provides a natural decoration to the ceremony. The vivacity of the beach provides a stress free environment which adds a delightful informality to this very important occasion. The guests feel more involved in the ceremony.

All in all a beach wedding can be a very memorable way to tie the knot. For those who are convinced that a traditional wedding is not for them here are a few ideas to plan a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Ideas For the Couples

Sea Food Is The Way To Go

Since the ceremony is taking place on the sea side, why not serve local cuisine? Crabs, lobsters, tropical fruits and other food local to a beach town would make a delicious meal that will keep the beach theme alive. Exotic dishes will give uniqueness to your wedding that guests shall remember for a long time.

Serve a royal chocolate delight collection. Sixteen pieces of chocolates with flavors such as Milky French, pure bitter dark, mocha fruit & nut choc dipped in milk dark & white choc in different shapes and structure shall enthrall your guests.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection


The heat might become tiring for some guests. That is why you can provide parasols to each guest. This will protect them from the sun. Also, the colorful parasols will make the wedding pictures look bright and full of joy.
Gift them each a box of The Perfect Chocolate Assortment.

The Perfect Chocolate Assortment

Sixteen pieces of chocolates ranging from Milk & dark rocks with almond flakes, milky crunch, pure bitter dark, mocha fruit & nut, peanut chocolate, almond purist, raisin chocolate, cashew dark and orange chocolate shall make the perfect gift.

Beach Ball Contest

To add a fun touch to your wedding, you can have a mini beach ball tournament. This shall keep the guests entertained and make them feel involved. It shall also add a very lively touch to your wedding and make for a very different kind of wedding entertainment.

As a reward, gift a box of the 18Pc Ultimate Truffle Gift Box. A variety of truffle chocolates- Orange Truffle, Almond Truffle, Peanut Brittle Truffle, Caramel Toffee, Five Spice Truffle and Nutty Truffle- this box shall form the perfect reward!

18 Pc. Ultimate Truffle Gift Box


A beach is a perfect place to have a bonfire. So why not add this to your wedding? Have guests gathered around a bonfire instead of a table on your reception or rehearsal night and share toasts.

Extreme Chocolate Collection

There shall also not be any awkwardness for guests who are not very well acquainted with the others can find their own pace. Distribute boxes of Extreme Chocolate Collection. This mouthwatering, lavish, exotic, luxurious, exquisite and delectable collection shall bring the guests closer and make the bonfire even more enjoyable.

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