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Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Want to have a fairy tale wedding?  Have it on the beach side, it looks magical and wonderful. Just imagine taking your vows on the beach while the sun goes down and the sound of water waves.

Planning a nice wedding for a friend, relative or your close family member? Thinking about the decorations to use for a lovely beach side wedding, look no further. Below we have prepared a list of lovely decors for a beach wedding, along with some nice wedding gifts to give your near and dear ones.

Amazing Beach Side Wedding Decorations

Color Theme

The color theme idea is a classic idea and is a big hit. Choose any of your 2 or 3 favorite color and use them as your wedding venue color theme. The decoration of the wedding place should also be according to the color theme, like table lay out, the center pieces for the table, cake etc.You can gift the lovely couple the Amazing Chocolate Box, which offer 4 different varieties of flavors such as Mocha Chocolate, Ginger Candy, Almond Purist and Cashew Dark. The chocolate are delightful and all the 4 varieties of chocolates are of 4 different shape. A lovely sweet gift to give for such a sweet occasion!

Amazing Chocolate Box


Decorate anything with flower and it ought to look nice. Beautiful and colorful flowers are available quite easily around. Make a bouquet for the tables, where guests will sit, take the petals and spread them on the path where the bride and groom will walk, they look just amazing. The Ultimate Truffle Gift Box with Tweety Pie, makes your gift really special. The wooden box is pretty and the truffles chocolate collection is irresistible.

Ultimate Truffle Gift Box with Tweety Pie

The box offers beautiful and rich flavors like Almond Truffle, Caramel Toffee, Nutty Truffle, Orange Truffle, Peanut Brittle Truffle and Five Spice Truffle. Along with the box of chocolate you get a cute tweety bird stuff toy.


Marriage is once in a lifetime event; make the moment magical and beautiful. Using shells for the decoration for a beach wedding will surely add an x factor. Make hangings out of shells and decorate the whole place. You can also use shell shaped plates, to add more to your decoration idea. The Attractive Chocolate Collection box is a wonderful gift to present the couple.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

The chocolates are yummy and offer rich and smooth flavors like Cashew Dark, Milky Hazelnut Praline Chocolate, Almond Purist, Ginger Candy, Mocha Chocolate and Butterscotch Chocolate. The wooden box is beautiful wrapped with a red ribbon and if you like you can attach a card along with your gift, to write your wishes for the couple.


Sand! Confused, they are already there on the beach? Don’t be, there are plenty of colorful sands available. Fill different color sand in a jar and use them as decorative pieces. You can also have a sand corner, with one of the colorful sands filled in the sand pool.

Melting Moments Raisin Surprise

The kids will have an amazing time and so will the adult, they can play and make sand castles. The Melting Moments Raisin Surprise box is an excellent gift for the wedding occasion. The box offers amazing 4 rich flavors of chocolates like apricot chocolate, caramel chocolate, nutty chocolate and hazel praline. The raisins are mouth-watering and heavenly to eat.

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