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Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is almost as important as the theme. Weddings with a beach theme execute décor and attire according to the theme but miss out on how crucial it is for the cake to fit the theme. There are many ways to create a beach themed look for the cake most of which involves using sea shells and starfish.

The cake should preferably be covered in fondant as butter cream or fresh cream frosting might become very difficult and messy to handle. The cake would look wonderful when highlighted in neutral tones. Here are a few suggestions.

Ideas For Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Touches Of Blue On The Cake

White does not need to be the default color for a wedding cake. A cake covered in an ocean blue colored fondant brings out the beauty of both the ocean and the wedding. The color could be fitted to an overall theme or as a standalone item in the wedding. The cake could have beautiful fondant flowers done in a variety of colors to make the cake look majestic. At your wedding serve assorted chocolate boxes. The box chosen should offer an excellent assortment like apricot chocolates, hazel chocolates, passion fruit chocolates and orange chocolates.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

A Cake Decorated With Sea Shells

Seashells are the perfect décob to a beach wedding themed cake. The shells might be sprayed with glossy paint to give it a shiny and different effect. The cake would look absolutely delish! There are various types of sea shells that can be used – a moon snail seashell, a cerith seashell and so on. Couple could consider picking out the shells themselves from the beach. This would make a great wedding story in later years. Along with the cake, serve rocks chocolate boxes. Rocks chocolates would fit the cake color scheme and also the overall wedding decorations.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise

A White Tiered Cake Decorated With Blue Sea Shells

A traditional wedding cake is done in white. A couple could add a beach theme to such a cake by decorating it with blue sea shells. These sea shells could be sprayed with various or the same shade of blue. The white would form the perfect backdrop for the blue shells and make the entire cake look absolutely gorgeous. Sweeten your wedding by distributing boxes of nuts. Weddings tend to get stressful and a box of nut chocolates shall be the perfect way to ease the stress.

350gm Paan Raisin

A Cake With The Toppers Sitting On Deck Chairs

A wedding topper is generally put on top of the cake. It is selected carefully as it is supposed to resemble the bride and groom. The wedding toppers generally stand on top of the cake. However, for a beach themed cake, one could consider having them seated on deck chairs and dressed for the beach.

Wonderful Treat for Chocoholics

This would add a very light and fun touch to the cake. Mesmerize your guests with both the cake and boxes of chocolate boxes. The box of delectable chocolates could include rose chocolates, cinnamon chocolates, hazelnut chocolates, orange chocolates, strawberry chocolates and raspberry chocolates.

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