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Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

At baby showers, guests shower the parents with gifts. The hosts too should shower the guests with delectable treats. Cupcakes are fun and lively desserts to have. They have a childish quality to them which makes them absolutely perfect for baby showers.

The guests can reconnect with the child in them while eating these adorable sweet snacks. Small cupcakes are easy to munch on and look delightful. You could have an assortment of cupcakes at the shower. Cupcakes are easily available at any cake store but should be preordered so that there is no hassle on the shower day. Here are a few cupcake suggestions.

Ideas For Baby Shower Cupcake

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes

Chocolate marshmallow cupcakes would offer a unique flavor. The marshmallows would add a fun twist to the cupcakes and definitely surprise the guests. You could keep the cupcake sizes small and bite sized. At the shower, serve boxes of  new baby gifts chocolates. Chocolate assortments provide mouthwatering and bite sized snacks.
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Chocolate And Mint Cupcake

Chocolate and mint goes very well together. You could decorate your cupcake with a chocolate and mint mousse. This would be a truly delectable chocolate cupcake idea. The guests would freak out on the cupcakes and would appreciate the delectable juxtaposition of the flavors. Along with the cup cakes you could serve boxes of dark chocolate.
Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc. Collection box
Dark chocolates consist of vanilla flavored chocolates, nut chocolates, orange chocolates, butter scotch filled chocolates, milk chocolates, hazelnut chocolates, pistachio chocolates, mocha chocolates, ginger chocolates, strawberry chocolates, pineapple flavored chocolates, cinnamon chocolates and French biscuit chocolates. The variety of chocolates shall bewilder the guests and mesmerize them beyond words.

Cupcakes With Marzipan Decorations

Marzipan is an almond based decoration. Marzipan makes for a very decorative topping as it can be molded into anything. You could have the marzipan decorations molded into baby items like pacifiers, cribs, diaper pins, baby blankets and so on. The cupcake base could be done is chocolate, vanilla or a red velvet flavor. You could also serve, to each guest a box of white chocolates.
Twinkling Hearts Chocolates
White chocolates include mocha chocolates, passion fruit chocolates, pistachio chocolates, raspberry chocolates, mint chocolates, hazelnut chocolates, French biscuit chocolates and orange chocolates. The guests shall have a great time at the shower, especially when an assortment of flavored white chocolates.

Red Velvet Cup Cakes With Butter Cream Or Cream Cheese

Red velvet cupcakes have a wonderful red texture which makes the cake look unique and very appetizing. The cupcake could be topped with butter cream or cream cheese. Both these are delicious toppings to have on a cupcake. One could have them alternately iced with both these flavors.
Almonds in Chocolate Surprise
The cupcakes could be decorated with chocolate rice or colorful sprinkles to give it a fun touch. You could place the cup cakes on a cupcake stand and next to the stand place boxes of nut chocolates. Nut chocolate assortments could be filled with a variety of nuts like almonds, pistachio, cashew, walnuts, and hazelnut and so on. These chocolate would add a crunchy break from the soft cupcakes.

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