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Baby Girl Shower Themes

A baby shower is a party thrown in honor of a recently born child. The shower is hosted at the parents’ house and has the baby as the central theme. Guests bring along gifts for the baby and individually spend time with the baby. A shower is decorated with balloons and streamers.

The decorations have a fun and energetic touch to it. A great way to create a particular ambiance for the shower is to have a theme. A theme would allow the decorations, food and other aspects of the party to flow in a particular direction and not be arbitrary. Here are a few themes that one could use for a baby girl shower.

Ideas For Baby Girl Shower Themes

Color Theme

A color theme refers to setting a particular color as the theme of the party. Once the color is chosen, it needs to be incorporated in every aspect of the party like the decorations, the clothes and the food. For a baby gift light colors like pink and purple would be the best choice. The invitations should mention the color theme so that the guests could dress accordingly. Keep around, delicious chocolate boxes. These would be delectable treats that guests can snack on during the party.

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A Theme Based On A Particular Fairy Tale

Little girls grow up reading and enacting fairy tales. Fairy tales fascinate and captivate them completely. You could give an early start to this enchantment by having a fairy tale themed party. You could choose a particular fairy tale like Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel and base the decorations on it. You could also have a themed cake. Though the baby girl shall not remember the shower, pictures of the event later on shall let her know that she was cared for from the beginning. Every fairy tale needs something sweet like chocolates. The most beautiful chocolates to fit this theme is white chocolate. White chocolate boxes can come as pure chocolate blocks or can be flavored with a number of scrumptious flavors.

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Princess Theme

A princess theme is the perfect baby girl shower theme. You could have princess cutouts and ask the guests to dress in princess costumes. You could have pictures of the various Disney princesses like Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine and so on pasted on the walls. This theme would be magical and delightful and definitely create the perfect atmosphere for a baby shower for a little girl. To add to the princess theme, keep around boxes of nut chocolates. Nut chocolates can be filled with a variety of nuts and would suit absolutely any party theme.

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Adventure Theme

Not every girl needs to grow up playing with dolls and enacting fairy tales. If you want to have a baby shower for your little girl that is not stereotypical you could go for an adventure theme.

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This theme could include a vast number of things. You could also have fun games for the guests to keep them entertained. This theme would be different and definitely unexpected. Adventure equals exploration. That is why serve assortments of fruit chocolates. Every chocolate would be a new adventure for the guests.

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