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Anniversary Party Games

Anniversaries take place one or more years later on the same date the wedding took place. They fundamentally take place to celebrate a happy marriage. Generally couples prefer to celebrate their first few anniversaries by themselves but throw a party for their tenth, twenty fifth and fiftieth anniversaries.

A wedding anniversary party should include friends and family and be a very joyous affair. To add a fun element to an anniversary party, couples can consider having a few party games. These games make the guests feel at ease and make the overall party environment more enjoyable. Listed below are a few Anniversary Party Games.

Different Anniversary Party Games

A Quiz

You could have a half an hour quiz about the couple. Questions like where they met, where they got married and what interests them as a couple may be asked. This would be a very entertaining game for close friends and family. It would give everyone a chance to relive the wedding ceremony and pleasant and humorous anecdotes are bound to be brought up during this game.

For guests who get hungry from all that brainstorming you could keep boxes of Fiesta Chocolate Rocks. This delectable box of fruit and nut chocolates shall make the party truly memorable.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks box

Paper Dance

This game is very simple. A sheet of paper, preferably a newspaper, is given to a pair and they are asked to dance on it while music is played in the back ground. When the music stops, the couples need to pause, fold the paper in half and commence dancing while the music is begins again. After a while the music is stopped again and the game carries on as abovementioned. This game might seem very childish but is indeed a very energetic and fun game. All that dancing would make the guests very hungry. For them you could keep boxes of Assorted Love Chunk.

Assorted Love Chunk, Festive Cookie Assortment

These raspberry and rose flavored chocolates shall spread love and joy all throughout and make the party atmosphere wonderful and magnetic.


This is a great party game for adults. It involves very little exercise but at the same time is very engaging. You could buy housie cards in advance and keep a lot of pens, highlighters and pencils around. You could keep cash or other prizes like watches or chocolate bars for the various milestones to be achieved during the game like four corners, straight lines and full house.As prizes you could distribute Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

The winners shall be able to preserve the cake up to two months and every time they eat a slice they shall remember your heavenly party.


This is a wonderful party game. It is a game where an individual acts out a word or a set of words without speaking and his/her teammates need to guess what that word is.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

The players are generally divided into two teams. This game has many variations and is indeed very engaging.As a snack, you could keep boxes of Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley. This box offers ravishing and mouthwatering chocolates that the guests won’t be able to keep their hands off from.

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