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8 Valentines Gifts For Husbands

Usually husbands often go unnoticed, post marriage and children. If you have been too busy lately with all your office work and children, and completely forgot about the man who gave you that family you pride in, then do something special for him. This Valentine’s Day, choose to shower him with gifts that will spell your love and warmth.

Gifts speak volumes when chosen wisely, so this Valentine’s Day, choose gifts that will not just re-ignite the lone-lost passion, but will also convey that you are grateful and acknowledge his contribution into your life each single day. However, if this sounds Greek to you and you are at a loss, then think no more. Just shuffle from the gift ideas, mentioned below and you will soon breathe a sigh of relief.

Valentines Gifts For Husbands

Call His Friends Over

Men will be men and so is the fact that they love hanging out together, doing their own thing. If your husband has been missing all his guy friends, then maybe inviting them over for a party or casual get together may be a perfect gift for him. Get them their choice of drinks and food and allow them to spend a happy alone time together. This will be a good gift and your husband will appreciate you for allowing him to be on his own. Let him not believe that Valentine’s Day is only about romance. Surprise him and make it a little more beyond just romance.

A Mini Bar

If your husband loves to socialize and is often seen behind the bar, juggling drinks, then maybe that’s his newfound passion. Help him organize his hobby now. Gift him a mini bar set, which will have a drink flask, or jigger, mixing spoon, cork bottle opener, strainer and pair of ice tongs. Let the entire thing be neatly wrapped and gifted away with a jazzy looking champagne bottle to make it look classy and sophisticated. This will surprise him and also encourage him to try out something new at the cocktails!

Gym Membership

This may be good time to invest in your husband’s health. If you have been worrying lately about his binge eating, growing beer belly or constant laziness, then maybe it’s the time to help him shed his kilos and get a little fit. If he has been postponing the gym schedule all this time, then maybe it’s time you showed some support. Help him get a gym membership, at a nearby place, that has the state of art gym interiors and a good instructor as well. You should also keep in mind that the schedule also suits his timings. This could be a good value for money deal.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

If you have an avid reader in your husband, who devours books at the word ‘go’, then maybe it’s time to gift him a one stop solution for his heavy duty books. If the heavy luggage, owing to books, worries you, in every trip, then easing it out is a must. Gifting your husband a kindle wireless reading device may help you and your husband remain sorted. You will see no more books lying around and smelling and yellowing pages around you.

Just the device and you fly weightlessly anywhere with your husband, in your next vacation. Your husband can download any number of books and read it, or flip it just like a book. The reading is an enjoyable experience and doesn’t cause a strain on the eyes as well. Think about it. It could be a great investment to an uncluttered house.


Do you often complain when he sits all day in front of TV, to watch his favorite programs? This Valentine’s Day, do something unusual. Gift him his favorite sets of DVD’s and let him enjoy without any interruption or complaints from you. He will enjoy and will also appreciate you for this the whole day. Let it be his day to gain uninterrupted fun all day. However, if fun to him means watching his favorite programs or movies or sports, then so be it!

Gourmet Food Basket

If your husband is a foodie and swears by his portions and brands of fine cheese, chocolates or cookies, then be a little indulgent this Valentine’s Day. Gift him a basket, made up of customized food products, which are all of his choice. If he loves cheese, then give him all fancy exotic varieties of cheese. If he loves wine, let there be 2 bottles of expensive wines and don’t forget the chocolates. Wine and cheese go great with chocolate.

Get chocolates to the likes of dark, white, milk, fruit, nut and truffles. You can get Chocholik’s Fancy Gift Packs or Love in the Chocolate Air box or an Assortment of Exotic Chocolates to give a touch of sophistication to your gourmet food basket.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

You definitely need a cake for celebrating the day, so let it be a Naughty walnut orange marble cakeor a Chef’s special  dry fruit plum cakefrom the same brand. A Cake and cookie combo like Delectable cookie-cake combo can also be a good option.

Delectable cookie-cake combo

A Diary Planner

If your husband is a forgettable, who doesn’t remember his schedules, meetings or appointments, then gifting him a diary planner can come in handy. A good planner should be like an organizer, which sorts him out. It should list his day’s events, time wise and help him achieve them one by one. This planner will not just save his worries and forgetfulness, but will also ease your tension a lot.

Gadget Repair or Tool Box

If your man loves to repair and is too much into the mechanics of everything, then using a tool box or a mechanic’s kit could be a good gift. It might simply help him organize his talent as well as take your headache of seeing him distressed with his gadgets all the time. Plus if your man is finicky about his vehicle and goes to the garage for every minute thing, then gifting him a self-help mechanic kit or dent-paint kit can save his troubles and expenses as well.

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