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6 Housewarming Party Tips For A Small House

Moving in to a small house and then throwing a housewarming party can be quite challenging. You may want to invite all your friends and still find it hard to accommodate them all together during the party.

In fact with some planning and make-shift arrangements it is not that difficult to arrange a housewarming party for all your friends and relatives.

Housewarming Party Tips For A Small Apartment

Clear the Area

Keep the area as much open as possible. For this, remove all perishable delicate items into your store room. Keep adequate arrangement for people to store their coats, shoes, bags, dupattas, etc. These things may seem trivial but they actually occupy a lot of space in a small house. Keep a nicely done shoe almirah for neatly arranging the shoes and a small closet in the living room for stocking belongings of all the guests.

Make Adequate Seating Arrangement

The best idea will be to make some floor arrangement for seating people. You can throw in some mattresses in the living room and throw boulders on them. This way all the guests can sit and relax and kids can also play happily. Keep some side stools also for people who cannot sit on the floor easily.

Serve Finger Foods

It is always a good idea to serve finger foods in the housewarming party which can be made in advance and served easily. Sandwiches, cookies, cakes, truffles, chocolates, finger chips are some of good examples. You can make a few things at home like sandwiches and can order rest of the things online like Exquisite Chocolate 12 Piece Collection, Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix, Center Shock Cookie Cake Surprise, etc. are some of the best finger foods.

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

They double up as sweets for your housewarming party also and are exotically flavored for that rich feeling we all want to extend to our relatives.

Make a Bar

You can make a mini bar on your coffee table. Make a small menu which comprises of two alcoholic and two non alcoholic drinks. Print them on a colorful paper and stick near the coffee table. Keep all the ingredients of these four drinks on the table. This way your guests will also not feel offended and you will also be relaxed while serving drinks to your guests.

Return Gifts

Return gifts are a nice way to say thank you to your guests. You can give them small packs of sweet and other confectionary. There is an array of items available online which can be easily given as return gifts. Fruit and nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box, Marshmellow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box , 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box, Milk Chocolate Bar Gift Box, Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar gift Box, are some of the best gift boxes available.

Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar Gift Pack

They come in neat packing and have alluring flavor to win hearts of your near and dear ones.

Thank You Notes

Always send thank you notes to your guests as soon as you are done with the party. In all probability all your guests will turn up with nice gifts for you. Add a line about how much you liked the gift and you can not thank enough the person for his efforts and love for you.

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