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5 Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

According to the traditional anniversary norms, the fifth anniversary year is considered to be the year of wood, a year in which couples gift each other with gift items made of wood. Now, wooden gifts are often considered to be cheap due to the cheapness of the material used, but they can make pretty attractive gifts that a person can present to their partner.

Wooden Gift Ideas For Anniversary 

Keep It Simple With A Wooden Ring

If you are planning to present your partner with a wooden gift, the ideal item would be a wooden ring with her name inscribed on the rim of the ring. You can also inscribe a love quote that you wish to convey to your partner.

In order to present your partner with the gift in an innovative manner, you can propose to her all over again with the wooden ring. You can be certain of one fact; she will absolutely love it if you do so. You can also add a box of Attractive Chocolate Collection to add to the sweetness of the moment.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

Gift Your Love A Wooden Box Of Memories

If you have collected a large number of memorabilia of the times that the two of you spent together in the past year, you can make use of these items as a gift for your loved one. Make a box of plywood and put all those items in the box.

You can also add notes on each of those items mentioning the meaning and the importance of those moments in your life. After you have stored all the items in the box, cover the items with a Quintessential collection 25 Pc Box , so that the gift would appear to be the box of chocolates.


You will be surprised to notice the excitement in the face of your partner when he or she lifts the box of chocolates to find the memorabilia items.

A Wooden Photo Frame Can Mean Lots

A wooden photo frame is considered to be cheap by many, but it will have immense value if you can prepare it all by yourself. Add the best picture that you have of your partner, and write some romantic lines on the sides of the frame. Present the frame along with a box of Any Time Exclusive Chocolate, and let your partner savor the moment with something sweet.

Any Time Exclusive Chocolate box

Create A Wooden Map

Create a wooden map in the shape of the number of years you have been with your partner. The map should consist of all the places that the journey of your love life has taken the two you so far. Point the direction from place to place with use of the heart symbol used as arrows.

You can also paste pictures that the two of you have taken in each place (if you have any). This is a gift item that you can present to your partner, and you will certainly enjoy the item with your partner more that you enjoyed while making the item.

How About A Wooden Bust Of Your Partner

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

Get professional help and create the face of your partner in wood. When you present it to your partner, he or she will simply go crazy with your affection. You could also gift a fengshui laughing buddha in a wooden box.

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