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5 Ways To Plan Baby Birthday Party

It is very natural feeling to make your little ones birthday special and memorable but it is also natural to get a panic attack while planning a birthday party for your one year old. The infant doesn’t know the reason of the party but surely will be overwhelmed when he understands your efforts to make his day memorable.

Baby birthday parties, especially the first birthday is not only about being proud parents but also a ceremony on introducing your angel to family and friends. Baby birthday parties must not be planned in the nap time of the baby or in an uncomfortable location for the baby. To survive this party along with having fun is made easy just in five steps.

Tips to Plan Baby Birthday Party

Baby Theme

As I said earlier babies do not understand the significance of the party but will surely enjoy if you do just what they like. Theming the birthday party is an easy task as it includes baby choices. Let be a girl or a boy, cartoons are universally appreciated and enjoyed.

Having a cartoon theme for your little one is a wise decision. Cartoons are liked by children of all ages. You can set up the decoration with either single cartoon character or many. Birthday cake, games, invites can be made analogous to this theme. Playing the cartoon parody will add life to your theme.


Once the theme is fixed, all you need to do is to invite! Inviting family, friends, neighbouring kids and nursery friends of the birthday baby embarks the beginning of your birthday party. Invitations analogous to the theme are easily available on the internet today. Sending online invitations makes your job easy and keeps your invite lively. You can send out simple elegant cards announcing the venue and timing or you can also spice up the invitation by pasting your sons or daughters photo on the themed card.

Cake and Cream

No birthday Party is complete without a cake. For baby parties chocolate cake is an ideal choice which looks delicious and pretty. Designing the cake in accordance to the theme with simple flavours and icing decorated with sparkles will add a mouth watering flavour to your party. You can also order simple cakes for the elder members of the party. Plum Cakes with dry fruits and fruit flavours blended together to treat your taste buds well.

Return Gifts

This is a token of anticipation for the young party members. A divine chocolate box , which contains tempting chocolates with nuts and flavours like pista, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla etc.

Divine Chocolate Box

This is a good return as chocolates are enjoyed by all age kids. A fancy gift pack will definitely make children happy for gifting a goodie bag which will earn you attractive points for being a good host.

fancy gift

Baby Birthday Games

This is the last thing you do to make your planned birthday party a super duper hit. Organise games which will keep the children in the party occupied and have a good time. Games like lemon and spoon, jute race, Pictionary will make them enjoy the party. Since your baby is too young to participate, make some time for story time, dance or poem recital which can be enjoyed by the birthday baby as well.

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