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5 Ways To Plan Adult Birthday Party

It is time to celebrate your birthday or your loved ones birthday besides movie theatre and small dinner at a fancy restaurant. This will make it easy for you to plan a surprise birthday party for a grown up where family and friend spring up on his or her entry. There has to be no age limit for a birthday party, but instead a five years olds enthusiasm tied up with increasing the size of the birthday cake with increasing age! Here are five tips to plan a great and happening adult birthday party!

Tips to Plan Adult Birthday Party

Birthday Air

Theming a birthday party is one thing which will shoot your birthday party up to a fun level. You can go crazy to set up an air of the party. Going wild with creativity and imagination leads to an awesome party theme. Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the birthday person while deciding the theme, is the thumb rule. A costume party, beach party, gamblers night, old is gold and so on are some hit themes. Pick up which suits your beloveds taste. Fix the budget and number of participants in this awesome aired birthday bash.

Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment

This is the heart of every adult birthday party. Including celebrity impersonators, favourite band music, dance entertainment or simply liven up the party with entertainment which is a synonym of the selected theme. Dancing on the tunes of a rocking DJ with super cool light would make your birthday a hit. Comedian, magicians are for birthday person who are crazy about this.


Raising your glasses for a toast needs to be done in grace with wonderful drinks to toast for. Food, drink and decorations must be in accordance to the theme. Party decor, cone caps and streamers liven up the atmosphere at some birthday parties where the surface area is covered in candles. Catering birthday person’s favourite food with matching dinks will complete the decoration of the stage area as well as the dining table.


After certain age, gifts really don’t matter. What matters is, quality time with loved ones. But Gifts definitely are important in any birthday party; roasted almond chocolate bar with teddy which contains almond chocolate bar, stuffed teddy bear and a birthday card with relevant words.

Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar with Teddy

Return gift is not what is expected in an adult birthday party but Thank you Cards will bring a smile on your guests with a good memory to think of the next time the find the card.

thank you card


Last but not the least, the completing element of the party is a birthday cake. Multi levelled cake, with funky flavours, elegant decorations relevant to the theme is the cake! Recently I saw a show, where a dinosaur princess, three feet high was a cake for a 21 year old girl. Be innovative and wild in this section of party decoration. Make the cake sing the birthday song and the candles light up the birthday life forever.

This all sounds like a huge event which if planned well, can turn out to be a happy birthday!

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