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5 Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Weddings are occasions where maximum effort is put in decorating the venue and the people involved. Making such a wedding outshine among others is what everyone is aim for.

With the theme, food menu, bar menu, maid of honour dress, very little time is given to centerpieces. In fact it’s a centerpiece that grabs one attention and rates your decoration efforts. Let’s take a look at some unique centerpieces that might reduce your last minute stress.

5 Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Glass Garden

You might think potting a decorative plant in a glass pot will work as a unique centre piece, but I was trying to make a better point. Take a nice glass bowl of any shape that is appropriate for the tables and the theme. Fill these bowls with decorative stones or water jelly and add a nice four inch tall decorative plant in it. This will grab the attention of your guests and give a natural feel while dinning.


Instead of tall centrepieces that hinder the conversation between guests i suggest you to decorate the table with 2-3 candles arranged in an artistic manner with leaves and chocolates. Buy varied shaped and coloured candles, arrange them in a small cosy centre with leave, petals or chocolates from fruit chocolate and light the candles just before the guests arrive.

Pista and Nutty Chocolate Collection


A truly unique centrepiece is this which is mounted on a mirror cut in circle and forming a base to mount wedding decors like greeting cards, gifts or theme decors. The mirror below is a symbol of romantic reflection which reflects the love among the two along with the love that the guests shower on the lucky couple. Greeting cards can be bought from greeting cards to reduce your effort.

Congratulations Card


It had been the most common ritual to have an ice sculpture as a centrepiece which is replaced by a nice wedding cake. This is common in all tables, centrepiece of the venue and decorated such that can satisfy the purpose of stealing the thunder of the wedding decorations.

A five feet tall cake that is baked such that it attracts the attention and with a blend of amazing mouth watering flavour. Just to make the guests hold their taste buds, arrange for small cakes from rich cakes.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake


Always the best choice to make is to stick to flowers as centrepieces. Arranging a bunch of white roses in a water glass looks simple and rich. Flower art has grown so wide that arranging flowers like gerberas in long vases or making a globe of roses and placing them on the table works fine as a centrepiece. You can keep quintessential collection 25 pc boxes  beside the flowers on the tables.

quintessential collection 25 pc boxes

Wedding decor is an important part of your wedding; do not leave it to the last moment to plan it. Having a clear picture of your wedding day makes it easy to personify it and avoids the last minute hassles. Centrepieces either of the table or the room contribute to the weddings overall look. You can also have photos of the happy couple placed in decent frames as centrepieces.

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