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5 Unique Birthday Cakes For Men

Men might be macho, but they do go weak in the knees, especially at the sight of a delightful looking birthday cake! Whether iced or not iced, choosing a cake, for your special man, can be tricky, yet very satisfying! If you wish to give your man a surprise party, and are at complete loss about the theme of the birthday cake, then maybe you should read more. 

This article talks about 5 birthday cakes, which are not just apt for the moment, but are equally unique in their decor.

Unique Birthday Cakes For Men

Dry Fruit Cake With Chocolate Icing

This cake is good for your man, especially if he loves the chocolate and nut combination. The cake will have a strong nutty flavor, along with strong cocoa hints. In short, try choosing cakes, which are rich dry fruit cakes. You can simply drizzle it up or pour in a good quality chocolate icing, for decor.

You can also slice it from the middle and frost it with good quality chocolate ganache as well. Just throw in some more dry fruits for the final touch! For choosing the base cake, you can take a pick from either Baker’s pride dry fruit cake or Chef’s special dry fruit plum cake from

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Artistic Cakes Are Always A Hit

If your man has more of a creative side to him, then highlighting the same in a cake will be unique. For instance, choosing a garden theme for a man, who loves gardening, or a canvas splashed with colors, for a painter, will be a great idea. Get a sugar craft expert or a baker, who can work on this skill and put up a cake that goes well with your man’s creative spunk.

A Bottle Of Whiskey Or A Box Of Cigars Is A Great Theme Too!

If your man loves to smoke or drink, then choose this theme to delight him all the more. Choose his favorite brand of alcohol or cigar and depict it on his birthday cake. Although, you may not like his idea of indulging in the habit, but you can choose to represent his interest, in a much more harmless way! And trust me, even he won’t complain after he sees it!

Chocolate Orange Cake

Have you ever thought of combining two different flavors to go with chocolate? Choose Naughty walnut orange cake from , as the basic cake and cover it up with real thick chocolate ganache icing.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Use chopped walnuts and orange rinds for a themed orange chocolate cake decor! Hint of chocolate with citrus always works wonders with men!

An Assortment of Elements Defining Your Man

Create a cake, which has fondant covering, highlighting all the elements, that makes your man. Right from that guitar, which he plays so often, his favorite car, his favorite brand of jeans or logo, to anything that defines him, should find its way as a sugar craft, on his fondant covered birthday cake.

These cakes are sure to make your man feel special. Who knows, he might fall in love with you, once again!

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