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5 Unique Anniversary Ideas

Wedding Anniversaries

Love is an eternal phenomenon that seems to drool on everyone’s mind. This emotion has the power to cross all barriers like cast, creed, money and age. One such occasion that marks the victory of timeless love is ‘Anniversary’.

Anniversaries hold a huge reverence in our lives. Be it the first one or the Golden Jubilee, the charm it brings along is undefined and boundless. Since Anniversaries come once in a year, one has to make continuous efforts to make it a memorable day for years to come. Now, the question arises, how can one actually do that? Here are some out of the world yet tremendous ideas that are sure to amaze your partner.

5 Unique Anniversary Ideas

Revisiting The Memory Lane

Every relation has its own set of sweet and sour moments. Revisit places where you have gone for those special out of the world dates. Drive your partner along the tunes of romantic duets. For this, you can create a playlist of beautiful songs that explains the story of your life together.

Relive The Wedding Moments

What could be better than sitting down the couch, hand in hand with your spouse and watching your wedding video. You are suddenly taken back by those moments, where you take the oath to stand by each other in all good and bad times. Team this sartorial moment with a champagne and a few dark chocolates.

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Explore New Things

Try out things that you have never done before. Plan a trip, where you explore new dimensions like adventure sports, visit to a spooky, haunted house or a trip to the amusement park where you can indulge in all those scary and childish rides together. At the end of day, surprise your partner with an exclusive gift. How about a Dark Triple Startle.

Dark Triple Startle

Create A Scrap Book

Get all those beautiful pictures out of the dusty boxes, take a canvas or a craft paper. Stick all your silly, alluring and notorious pictures together, on it. Give comments on each, such as what exactly you felt at that time and how precious the moment is for you. Just speak your mind and place it in front of your partner before he is awake. When he/she will see it, it is sure to amuse and get him/her teary eyed. A real feather rose should be the icing on the cake.

real feather rose

Arrange A Candle Light Dinner

Admit it or not, there is nothing more romantic and cosy than a candle light dinner. Rather than going out for a usual dinner to your pet restaurants, arrange for a dinner at your terrace or your living room. All that you need is a table for two, dim lights, some aromatic candles and your partner’s presence. Decorate the place with flowers and play romantic music in background. Cook the meal yourself and team it up with super delicious desserts like Naughty Walnut Orange Cake.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Whatever idea you may choose to surprise your partner, the thing that matters the most is ‘togetherness’. Spending quality time, away from work stress and household chores is what actually makes your anniversary, a day to cherish and look forward to.

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