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5 Types Of Chocolate Boxes

All are fond of yummy chocolates. We do exchange chocolates as gifts with our friends and relatives on various occasions like wedding, birthday, office promotion party etc. Buying few chocolates for oneself and one’s few friends is easily gifted by hand but when it has to be done for a number of people like employees in office, relatives at home etc., then one needs to buy and gift in bulk.

Now gifting bulk chocolates by hand doesn’t look good. That’s why these chocolates are packed in boxes. The chocolate boxes are beautifully designed ones that look good and tempting at the same time. Different types of chocolate boxes are available in the market depending on the quantities and shapes.

Different Types of Chocolate Boxes

Large Centered Chocolate Box

This chocolate box has a big space at the center and small spaces around it. When opened, the eyes go directly on this area that creates feeling of temptation. Since there is a large space at the centre, lots of chocolates can be accommodated; especially those which are of large sizes or in large quantities. The Divine Classic Chocolate Box is this type of box containing a large space at the center and small ones around it.

Divine Classic Chocolate Box

It is a beautifully designed box having numerous resins at the centre surrounded by small sized biscuits and chocolates made of nuts, fruits and rocks. The brown and golden colour of this box suits well for traditional occasions.

Divisional Chocolate Box

This type of chocolate box has a number of equally spaced divisions. Every space in this box very well accommodates single chocolate making every single piece a special one. There are further varieties in these boxes depending on the number of divisions, shapes etc. The Love in the Chocolate Air Box consists of well patterned six divisions that contain a single chocolate.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

Heart shaped chocolates placed in every single space in this box appear luxurious and trendy. The pink colour of the box very well suits the heart shaped chocolates present in it. The chocolates look very attractive and tasty. This is an absolutely perfect box for gifting chocolates to girlfriend or wife on romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary.

Another such kind of chocolate box is 25 PC Divine Chocolate Box that has 25 beautifully organized spaces for placing 25 delicious chocolates. The box looks traditional and fashionable both from inside and outside. The chocolates placed inside the box are clearly visible from outside and appear like gems. This one is good for traditional occasions.

25-Pc Divine Chocolate Box

Another variety of this type of chocolate box is the one having equal partitions. The chocolate box is equally divided into two parts that can accommodate large sized chocolate bars. The chocolate boxes discussed above can be used for small sized candies only. For gifting large sized chocolate bars, such boxes are useful. The Marshmallow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box is this type of box.

Marshmallow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box

It contains two combinations of chocolates; milky bar with marshmallow at one end while milky bar with blueberry at the other. The dark brown and golden colour of the chocolate box matches up with the chocolates inside it. Do consider this type of box while gifting milky bar chocolates.

Rectangular shaped Chocolate Box

The chocolate box with rectangular shape is a beautiful design that can be used to accommodate chocolates in a random manner. There’s no partition and no division present in this box. So, it does not take much time to place chocolates in it. Just fill the box and close it. These are very beautiful from outside and inside as well. The Fiesta Chocolate Rocks is such kind of box containing chocolate rocks of different colours.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

Consider this gift for festive occasions or corporate gifting that would spread a big smile on the faces of gift receivers.

Cubical shaped Chocolate Box

The chocolate boxes in the shapes of cubes are very luxurious. The advantage of this chocolate box is that it can accommodate a large quantity of chocolates. The Designer Box with Almond Rocks is a kind of cubical chocolate box that looks beautiful and adorable from outside.

Designer Box with Almond Rocks

It contains chocolate rocks and almonds that are tempting and tasty. Gift the favourite chocolates on festive occasions like Diwali, Dussera etc. in this wonderful chocolate box.

Square shaped Chocolate Box

The square shaped chocolate box is deep from inside and can accommodate a number of chocolates. The chocolates of big sizes can be easily placed in this box. The Sugar Free Peanut Rocks Gift Pack is a square shaped box that contains big sized blocks of chocolates. The box adds up the temptation feature associated with the chocolates.

Sugar Free Peanut Rocks Gift Pack

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