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5 Newborn Celebration Ideas

A baby is a God’s gift and brings along moments of extreme joy and happiness. No matter if it is your first baby’s or third baby’s birth, the joy of that moment is overwhelming and priceless. Finding a thoughtful and unique theme for a newborn baby is surely a tough job for any parent.

A creative and fun celebration for the newborn can be planned in budget. You can simply add fun games and other activities in any theme you choose for the party. The party for newborn baby is a fun day for not just the kids but the parents as well. Gifts play an important role in the party, which is why you have to be creative when planning for return gifts for your delightful guests.

Baby celebration is a party for kids mostly and so the theme should be based on the likes and dislikes of children. All you need is to think like children and use all the kids’ stuff to create the best theme for the party. All the planning and arrangement should be made in advance so that you do not have to go out of your budget at the last moment. Here are five newborn celebration ideas that you can plan.

5 Newborn Celebration Ideas

Animal Theme

You can plan your party theme based on animal theme, after all kids seem to be amazed by colorful animals. You can ask your guests to follow a dress code and dress up as an animal.

You can decorate tables and floors with grass and leaves to give the jungle look. You can put small pictures of different animals and trees to make the Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake look like small forest.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Soft Toy Theme

Kids love to see soft toys around them. No other theme can be better than the soft toy theme for your baby’s party. You can also order cake in Tweety Pie or any other cartoon character design. As return gifts for children you can give small toys  of their choice. Children will love their gifts and that way your party will become memorable.

A Tweety Pie

Chocolate Theme

Who does not drool for a chocolate. Chocolate theme is the easiest yet most delicious theme among all other themes. Lovable Chocolate Collection, chocolate cookies, etc. is easily available and liked by all especially the tiny tots. You can also add various flavors in chocolate like dark chocolate, nuts chocolate and milk chocolate to give that extra essence.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Colour Based Theme

You can choose a color for your party that can be applied in dress code, balloons color, cake color, etc.

thank you card

Don’t forget to give Thank you Card  to your guests as a return gift with chocolates. A card can become a good keepsake in the memory of your baby’s welcome party.

Diaper and Milky Theme

Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment

Let your kids be comfortable yet stylish at the party. You can keep diapers as the dress code for the kids and decorate house with black and white colors based on the theme of milk and its product. Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment can be added to this milk theme, to make it look yummy.

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