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5 New Home Gift Ideas

A new home is an achievement, announced and celebrated in a special way with well wishers. This is an occasion where you as a guest have to think hard to get true appreciation for the housewarming gift. So many awful ideas swim in the mind that it becomes a task to select the right present for the new house dwellers.

I have made a list of gift ideas to welcome your dear ones in the new home. Most of the couples are smart to register for the gifts well in advance, but for the non smart ones here is the list that will impress them and will earn you a genuine thank you.

New Home Gift Ideas

Gift of Life

As dramatic as it sounds, it’s the simplest gift for housewarming. Plants or a flowering plant potted in a ceramic pot is the gift of life. Plant not only symbolises life but also promotes good health with respect to oxygen supply. Gifting a plant is a better idea than flowers since it lives longer and doesn’t need to be baby sat. In the drapes and furniture, a flowering plant is delight to eyes. In case of plant lovers gift a unique variety of show plant or a new flowering plant. A real feather rose can also be a loving gesture.

Real Feather Rose

Happy Tummy

New home comes with a corollary of long days and short nights with all the shifting and hard work happening. In this scenario a food voucher or a ready to cook snack is all what the owners want. This is a good change as well as makes them feel cared. Anything from fruits to a microwave food is welcomed with open arms. You can buy premium cookies to sweeten the occasion.

Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box


This is a unique idea, it includes a technologically advanced doorbell to a hi- tech iron. In this section let the men do the thinking, research and shopping. Gifting a blue ray player, a wi fi modem, digital security device, a theft alarm or an electronic cleanser anything and everything related to technology comes under this roof. This is a good gift idea since, the owner will not think of it unless it is present in his/her house. This is a secondary gift that is meant to be gifted and not bought.


This is an unique concept of gifting. To wrap all the cleanser soaps, detergents, mops and scents together is a thoughtful and useful gift. This is box of health that will keep away the germs away from the new house. An eco-friendly set of chemicals is an ideal gift for a new home. The scented cleaning products and toiletries make the new home habitual and safe to dwell. You can gift fengshui laughing buddha which should bring in positive energy.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

Dinner Set

Dinner sets and glassware is a common gift for new homes. Owners are so sure to get at least one dinner set that it is never included in the shopping list. In this gift, fashion and elegance can be blended together.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Dishes and bowls with different shapes and sizes are attractive as well as useful. Gifting a dinner set with a cake from rich cakes shall inaugurate the gifted chinaware.

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