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5 Most Unique Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Buying gifts from stores and presenting them in any special occasion is a common trend. However, if the person is close to you, why don’t you try something different? Instead of simple completing your task by picking up a present and gifting it straightaway, you can customize it a bit. It needs more of your time and desire, rather than your affordability.

Unique Personalized Gifts Ideas

Coffee Mugs

You can always select from an array of stocks in a shop, ask the store staffs to nicely wrap them and your job is done. But try it some other way. You can find some specially designed coffee mugs in different shapes, sizes and colours. It can be a great personalized gift for your loved one. You can get it engraved beautifully with his/her name or a brief quotation, which is apt for the occasion.

Personalized Bakery Items or Soft Toy

By personalizing the normal presents to some extent, you can make it extraordinary. A cake or a chocolate can always be personalized while gifting. Instead of going for an ordinary cake, you can mention his/her name on the chocolate cake or a chocolate bar. These personalized items can go well for any occasion like birthdays, New Year, Christmas, Anniversaries, etc.

A cuddling teddy can be another option for a special event and can even be personalized according to your choice. For instance, if the occasion is of a birthday, then you can undoubtedly go for a soft teddy with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on its couch. Birthday Teddy is a wonderful example; this will offer you a superb choice as well as amazing ideas as to how to go about other occasions.

Birthday Teddy

Personalised Wind Chimes

A wind chime can be a great gift, which can enchant the person with its sound forever. It not only produces soothing sound, but is also beautiful and everlasting. You can engrave the paddle of the wind chime with someone’s name, a phrase, a brief special message or an image.

There are lots of different wind chimes available in the market, in varying sizes and tunes, which you can personalize at a reasonable price. This would be an exquisite as well as a calming present.

Message in a Bottle

You can express your feelings in a completely different way by placing it in a bottle. Your message can be printed on a parchment paper and sent in an exclusive glass bottle. In order to make it all the more exciting and authentic, you can pour artificial grasses, marbles, sand, frills and sea shells in it.

Personalized Bean Bag Chair

It may so happen that extremely expensive gifts may be inappropriate to be transformed into personalized gifts, whereas some inexpensive items may be placed as one. A unique and interesting gift is a personalized bean bag chair.

It is equally attractive for adults and kids. You can monogram it with the name of the person to whom you are gifting. You also have the option of adding a phrase along with it and add a lovely touch to it.

Hence, among the numerous options lying there for you, you have to pick up the best one according to your choice and budget. Go ahead, personalize your gift and make it a unique one for your close one.

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