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5 Inexpensive Gifts For Men

Inexpensive Gifts

Tough times have arrived where it is often difficult to buy expensive gifts for men in any occasions. Prices of commodities in the market have massively increased and thus most of the people often get a pinch while buying gifts. There are a lot of economical options which you can think of while buying a present for the man.

Inexpensive Gifts Ideas For Men

A Beautiful Photo Album

It is not always true that buying a gift would cost a lot. A great to gift him will be some splendid memories. You can craft out an amazing photo album on your own or can pick up a reasonable photo album from a store. If you have accumulated some interesting snaps of him, then you can attach them in the photo album. If you share a special relation with him, then you can go for pictures involving both of you.

Baked Delicacies

Baked delights, such as cookies or cakes, carrying your emotions and love can always win a man’s heart. If you want to choose a really good cake, well within the budget, then Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake is the most suitable option. You may also buy him a chocolate bar or Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box and mesmerize him.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Writing Pad and Pen

Increase in the prices does not mean that one should stop buying gifts for his near and dear ones. A smooth writing pen set and a colorful notepad will depict your passion for him. You can leave your personal message for him in the first page of the beautiful writing pad. These inexpensive, but extremely beneficial stationeries will surely bring smile on his face.

Homemade Recipes

It is really a tough job to find a special gift for a man, as they have their own preferences. You may want to give him a special treat, but feeling a strain in your wallet. Taking him out to a fine restaurant may seem costly to you.

Instead you can cook some mouth watering dishes at your home and surprise him. Men have a great appetite for good food and you can very well use this opportunity and win his heart. You can even try some new recipes from internet or books and make him savor the sumptuous meal.


We tend to get carried away by the thought that buying gifts will make a big hole in our pocket. It may not be true always. If your man is fond of books, then it can be an awesome option for you to gift him his proffered book. It will be within your budget and also an enriched gift selection. You can customize your present a bit, by writing a short poem for him.

You can also place handmade book marks within the book to remind him of you every time he reads the book. Hence, you have enough options to express your feelings and messages to him, even with a constrained budget. It is more important to cheer him with your affection, rather than going for expensive emotionless gifts.

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