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5 Indulging Birthday Gifts For Mom

Remember the times when your mother used to take all the pains and efforts, to give that perfect birthday gift to you? Well, it’s payback time now! Not literally of course, as you can’t match up to what your mother does, but you can definitely gift her things that will enable her to be indulgent, for once.

Grab a few options from the list chalked down below and make it a perfect day of self-pampering for your mother, who definitely needs one, at least on her special day!

Birthday Gifts Ideas For Mom

Nothing Beats The Good Old Chocolates

Chocolates make one feel delighted, young and pampered to the hilt. For your mom’s birthday, you can choose from a variety of chocolate gift hampers, available at Whether it’s dark, milk or white chocolate, you have several options to choose from.

However, if you want to gift something more indulging, then go ahead and pick an assortment of sorts. Twinkling hearts chocolates or Sophisticated chocolate collection or Extreme chocolate collection-25 flavors might be good pampering ideas.

Extreme Chocolate Collection – 25 Flavors

A Day At Spa For Sheer Relaxation

Mothers work round the clock. From work at office to work at home, she’s constantly at her toes, trying to don the hat of a super mom. On her special day, you definitely need to acknowledge her efforts and bestow a few moments of relaxation on her.

So, there could be nothing decent than gifting her a spa session on her birthday. Let her feel special, like a diva on her day! Book a day at spa, covering all her essential beauty treatments and some indulgent ones as well, to pamper her well! She deserves every bit of it!

Breakfast In Bed Can Be Delightful

Mothers are usually the first ones to be up in the mornings, to tuck us a healthy hearty breakfast. On her birthday, do something, which she does almost regularly for you! Prepare her favorite meal for breakfast and serve it neatly, onto a bed side table, on her special day. The breakfast could be stuffed parathas, or pancakes with some golden syrup and fresh fruits. Take a pick!

She will feel delighted for this gesture and will also feel relaxed. After all, you took care of that most important meal of the day, for her.

Gift A Membership Card For Reigniting That Old Passion

Once a mom, life hardly leaves pleasures to her by way of hobbies and other indulgent passions! Just like the way, she juggles you in between studies and extracurricular, maybe you too can help her re-discover herself, with her favorite hobby class. Get a membership card for her, as a birthday gift or a token of appreciation for her hard work.

Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar with Teddy

It could be a guitar class, a painting workshop or a cooking session or a gym class. Just take a pick and surprise her!

A Customized Jewelry Box For Safekeeping Valuables

Is your mother one of those, who keeps forgetting things like a chain or pendant around the house? Gift her nice looking, somewhat an etched or customized jewelry box, for safekeeping her trinkets! She will love it and you will love it more, when you see it beautifully kept at her dresser. Choose a little expensive one, as that way it could be a real indulgence for her!

Mothers are special and so are their birthdays. Take a pick from the above mentioned options and make her feel the same, on her special day!

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