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5 Great Gifts For A Man

You absolutely do not need any special occasion to gift something great to your man. If the man is someone close to your heart like boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, son, and others, then you would definitely bank upon a great gift. Some of the below listed gifts can prove to be great for a man.

Great Gifts For A Man

Yummy Chocolate

Plum Cake Choco Merger represents a stylish set of dark chocolates along with a rich plum cake. The get-up is itself appealing. It contains different chocolate flavours such as Hazel praline, Nutty Marble, Passion fruit and Butter scotch. The melting chocolate in the mouth would work wonders for him.

plum cake Choco merger

And that is not the end. You can also go for Fruit And Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box or Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix, if you really want to gift pure chocolates. After all who does not like chocolates and cake, especially when it is being given by someone close to his heart?

Photo Album

A great gift would be to remind him about some of his sweetest memories. If you happen to know the man well for a long time, then you can easily accumulate some of his special pictures.

They may also include some special moments which you have shared with him. It would not cost you much, but it would extend your love and care for him. This would certainly be nostalgic to both of you. It would be a great way to make him remember your affection and care towards him. You can easily team up a photo album along with a bakers pride dry fruit cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake


Gadgets are something which can always please any man. Which man doesn’t love gadgets? Anything with runs on battery or with electricity, has switches, tends to impress man. He will love a phone, or an mp3 player. If you are not sure about what gadgets he already owns, then better check it with his friends, spouse or family members. Then you can go ahead and get a great electronic gadget for him.

You can also gift him a digital camera or a handy cam, if he is passionate about photography. This would trigger his passion as well as make him thankful for your great gift.

Favourite Sport

Does he love sports? By the way which man does not like sports? Sports are an all time favourite for every man. You get a forthcoming sports ticket. It would be great if you can buy him his favourite sports ticket. You can also buy a sports DVD, set of sports magazines, or his favourite’s sport’s video game. He would surely appreciate your choice and would remember your present forever. And in case he is into spiritual stuff, gift him a fengshui laughing buddha.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha


Men usually love to read books. He would certainly be glad to receive his favourite genre from you. Some of the men’s favourite choices are detective, science fiction, adventurous etc. You can confirm his likings and accordingly select a credible book for him.

If he is more fascinated about magazines, then get a set of those. Leave a short and a special message for him inside a book or on the bookmark. Better keep it in his office bag, or on his study table or under his pillow. This would surprise him to a great extent. Greeting cards should go well with books.

Card for Him

It does not matter how much you are spending for the man. What mostly matters are your choice and your hearty willingness to give him his favourite gift.

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