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5 Gift Ideas For Silver Jubilee Anniversary

So you are planning to visit a silver jubilee anniversary celebration, but confused about what to gift. Well, that is quite natural, as most of us actually tend to feel blank while thinking of gift ideas. Talking of the anniversary celebrations, these occasions embark victory of togetherness over hardships of life.

Celebrating this day together reflects the couple’s desire to be loved by each other lifelong. Since it is a special occasion, the gift that accompanies you should be heart warming and exceptional. Here are some gifts that you may rely on to impress the party hosts.

Gift Ideas For Silver Jubilee Anniversary

A Flowery Delight

Flowers are the best gift to opt for such occasions, you will hardly find a person who would disagree with this fact. Fresh scented flowers leave behind a soothing era and are known to reflect sensitivity of relations. Ranging from orchids, lilies, roses, carnations and tulips, you can choose one depending upon your choice. Pairing a bouquet of selective flowers along with a Dazzling Chocolate Gift Box is sure to excite the souls.

dazzling chocolate gift box

Photographic Moments

If you have some photographs of the couple whose anniversary gift you are choosing, then sort out their best pictures together. Arrange these pictures to form a portrait. If possible, choose pictures from different periods ranging from their journey as newlyweds to the present day couple.

You may also prepare a video presentation that can be displayed during the celebration at the projector. Team up these photographic moments with a cake. Choose something like Naughty Walnut Orange marble Cake whose exotic aroma and crunchy walnut essence is sure to make them drool.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Paired Accessories

Gifting accessories like watches, bracelets, key chains and rings to a couple is definitely a good idea. However, the charm of these gifts is enhanced further when they are gifted in pairs. These days’ markets are full of accessories that have been exclusively designed for couples.

Matching wrist watches, a locket divided in two halves, matching rings are some of the unique gifts. No matter what age the couple is, they are sure to look excited on seeing paired accessories. Add a dash of warm wishes by gifting an anniversary greeting card along, after all cards are the best way to garner good wishes.

anniversary greeting card


When we talk of glassware, we talk of exclusive style, class and usage. Choose exclusive glassware items like champagne glasses, mirrored trays, dinner set and stemmed wined glasses. These are sure to be loved by the couple especially by the wives. However, make sure you choose something that is exclusive. Combine this gift with a delectable baked dessert like rich chocolate truffle.


Decorative Items

If you are not well versed with the personal choices of the couple then it is better to stay safe by gifting something neutral. The gifts that fall in this section are artifacts  home appliances and decorative items.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

Choose wall clocks, vases, photo frames, toasters, juicer and so on, the choices are vast! To be more specific, you may choose Fengshui laughing Buddha that signifies harmony and good luck.

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