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5 Fabulous Funny Gift Ideas for Women

Women love gifts and that is a proven fact. When it comes to impress a woman no option can be better than giving a gift. Market is over flooded with traditional gifts and you have also tried most of them. If this time you are looking out for something different and unique try to explore some funny gifts. Reason can be any of these, she is so much angry from you and sorry card is not working, she is disappointed with something and you want to make her smile, else you just want to highlight your sense of humor, these gifts will surely work.

Always remember, funny gifts for a woman should be elegant and should be a reason for her to smile, not to make her more angry or sad. Therefore, according to the situation, choose a gift from below list:

Superb Funny Gift Ideas for Her

Gifts With Funny Messages

These days you can get cups, t-shirts, with funny messages on them. For instance, recently I gifted one of my friends a t-shirt with a message “I will be 21 until further notice” on her birthday. That was really funny and everyone was talking about my gift in the party. You can also personalize your gift with your own funny messages or photos printed on them. So, just think of something humorous and funny and go ahead with a personalize gift to impress the lady. Don’t forget to order Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake  along with you which has surprise bites of walnut. Its fresh aroma and scintillating taste will surely drive her crazy.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Funny Masks or Mirrors

You can also buy some funny masks from the market Halloween, clown, alien, older woman, white hair, gorilla, etc. There are also specific masks available which fit on your nose and are so funny. Funny mirrors can also be a good choice as once she will look in the mirror, it will make her laugh. These mirrors make the faces extra fat or extra-large and no one can stop without laughing. It will be a real fun to try them out after she opens the gift. She will surely make a bit of irksome face after seeing those masks then present her Ultimate Designer Chocolate Collection to recapture her smile. This box is just magical and does wonders with amazing collection of mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, dark and milk almond rocks with almond flakes and chocolate coated almonds. Don’t forget to click some snaps once she tries them out.

Ultimate Designer Chocolate Collection

Funny Showpieces

There are also showpieces, key chains, lamps, cups, etc., available in market in funny shapes. You can choose one which suits the situation and which can set her mood too. Just add some more fun to your surprise by presenting her Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise which has mixed essence of gourmet cookies with the goodness of freshly baked Dry Fruit Cake.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise

Funny Books

If she is very fond of reading, you can gift her some funny books. Don’t forget to make some smileys and write your own gags on the front page, this will give your gift a personal touch and a chance to add your own humors. Giving only a book as a gift sounds bit boring so add Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar with Teddy to your gift. She will surely enjoy chocolate bites while reading the book.


Funny Accessories

You can also search for some funny accessories for woman, like a hairband with bunny ears, teddy shaped footwear, big size goggles, funny mobile covers, crockeries with funny faces, etc. These kinds of gifts will always make her smile and remind of you. Add Dark n Light Jumble to your gift which is a combination of Dry Fruit cake and Dark Chocochip Cookies to add more spice to the event.

Dark n Light Jumble

Before giving a funny gift, you should make sure that the woman to whom you are gifting should be sporty. Some women are very emotional or particular by nature and might feel that you are trying to make fun of her with such gifts. Therefore, I take some chocolate gifts or cakes as suggested above.

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