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5 Diwali Gifts For Your Grandmother

Grandmothers are the most lovely and adorable members of the family, always smiling and charming with their wit and culinary delicacies. Wondering what to gift your grandmother this Diwali? Have you gone through a lot of options but nothing seems suitable or attractive enough?

Granny’s have to be the most valuable asset to the entire house. All their lives they have been showering their love and blessings on us, seldom do we realize that we never thought of surprising her or gifting her something unique. Lets spin the time and plan some stunning gifts that would leave her amazed and perplexed. Go through the following list of top 5 Diwali gifts for grandmothers and choose the one which you know your grandmother will hug you for!

Best Diwali Gifts For Grandmother


Sweets are the hot favorites during the Diwali season. And you know well enough that your grandmother absolutely loves those laddoos, barfis and chocolates. So don’t think too much and get boxes full of your grandmother’s favorite box of dry fruits along with a Diwali greeting card and two silver coins of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshami. This simple, sweet and traditional gesture will definitely please your grandmother like nothing else!


Cell Phone

Who says grandmothers aren’t tech savvy? Grandmas love technology these days, especially cell phones which help them connect and gossip with their countless relatives and old friends. So go ahead and buy a cute cell phone for your cute grandmother. Make sure you load it with old melodies and some interesting wallpapers. You can also preload it with some interesting apps, games and puzzles for your grandma. Better still, click pictures of your entire family and set them as the wallpaper! Cell phones arn’t the only thing new to her. Lets’ couple the joy by gifting her dark Chocolates!

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Religious Books

Remember how your grandmother used to share fascinating mythological tales with you when you were young? If your grandmother loves mythology, get her a brand new Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagvad Gita or a collection of tales. Show her you still remember those days when you used to look forward to her tales. Wrap up the books nicely and surprise her with your gift. Beware though; she might get emotional a little! Dried fruits have significance in Diwali evening ceremonies. Consider them too.

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Indian women love the 9 yard cloth more than anything and grandmothers especially look like dolls in saris. So what better Diwali gift for your grandmother than a beautiful and gorgeous sari! Go to a prominent sari shop in the city and select the best sari which you are sure your grandmother would love. If you feel clueless, you can take your mum or sister along. During Diwali, a lot of shops get new stock and offer the most exquisite saris to the customers. You can choose from wide range- Banarasi saris, Kanjivaram silk saris and so much more. Ask your grandmother to wear the sari on the Diwali party! Pack Chocolates boxes along.

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One thing that every lady loves is jewellery and no one can debate that. Even though your grandmother has a lot of jewellery pieces, none of them has been gifted by you. So go ahead, buy a ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant or set of bangles- anything that you can afford and which you know she’d like.


You can even get a pendant with picture of you and her inside it. Diwali sees a lot of jewellery sale and most shopkeepers offer interesting discount offers. While jewellery is pricey, your grandmother is priceless. She would be more than overwhelmed to know that you value her the most! Royal Jewellery accompanied with exquisite Belgium Chocolate bars would make a stunning gift couple.

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