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5 Dating Anniversary Gifts

Even while you are dating, you are still a part of the most beautiful relationship in the world; that of LOVE. Love can be of many forms, but it is the most beautiful relationship that can be found in any part of the universe.

Therefore, there is a need to celebrate this love in an extraordinary manner, more so when it is the anniversary date of your relationship.

Dating Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Introduce Your Partner To Your Friends

This will definitely mean a lot to your partner. Invite all your friends over, and declare your partner as the love of your life in front of your friends. In most cases, it has been seen that people hide their partners from their friends, and this show of affection will certainly bowl your partner over.

Propose Your Partner

If you have been in the relationship for quite some time, and you are pretty sure that she is the ONE, take the plunge and propose on the very date of your anniversary. You cannot, in any universe, offer her a more exquisite gift on your dating anniversary. Start the beginning of your married life on the same day that you did your dating life. You could gift her a 18 Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box during the moment.

18 Pc. Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box

How About a Memory Jar

This is something that you can prepare at your home, and all by yourself. Grab hold of big jar and add some romantic design on it. If you cannot do it by yourself, get professional help or get a friend to help. You can create small envelopes and put a small chit within it.

The chit should have a small message on it pertaining to an event that happened in the last year. You must compile at least one message for every day of the year and ask your partner to open one envelope a day. Pack the jar along with a box of Chocholicious Ecstasy.


A Week Long Saga

Create a set of seven cards for every day of the week until the day of your anniversary. Each card must contain a small romantic message stating why your partner is so special to you on that particular day of the week.

You can have the cards posted to your partner along with different sets of flowers every morning, and on the last day of the week, give your partner the last card in person along with the favorite flowers of your partner and Lovable Chocolate With Lovable Teddy and card. As the saying goes, save the best for the last! Your partner will be eagerly waiting for the next day to arrive so that they can lay their hands on the next card.

Lovable Chocolate With Lovable Teddy and card

Create a Riddle

You can also use the previous idea in the form of a riddle or a treasure hunt. Present your partner with a card containing a riddle, the answer to which is essential for locating the next card, which has another riddle, and so on. At the end, your partner would follow all the riddles to the gift, which could be a box of Dark Triple Startle chocolates, flowers or any special gift that may please your partner.

Dark Triple Startle

However, make sure that the riddles are easy so that your partner can solve them with ease. You simply do not want the gifts to stay hidden, but at the same time, your partner should earn it.

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