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5 Creative Anniversary Gifts

It is easy to go to a local store, select the best gift present there, and throw a thick wad of notes on the counter. However, have you ever tried to create a special gift for a special one.Do you not think that your special one is that much special to deserve more than the gifts that are in the market for everybody to present their loved ones.

Creative Anniversary Gifts

Create Your Partner A House Of Chocolates

If you feel that your partner is a chocolate freak (no offence meant), you can as well build her a house of chocolate. A box of Dark Triple Startle can be used as the base, on which a number of other small chocolate bars can be used to make the chocolate house.

Dark Triple Startle

You partner will simply love the gift, not as much for the large amount of chocolate that you gift him or her, as much they will do for the effort that you have made to make them a gift made of their favorite chocolates.

Gift Your Partner A Painting Of Theirs

If you know how to paint well, take a few days off and paint a beautiful picture of your partner. You can paint the picture from a photograph that you have or from your imagination. Moreover, if you are simply celebrating a dating anniversary, and are contemplating proposing your lady love, make the painting have a ring in her hand.

She will be surprised to notice the minor detail, and when she does, you can simply pop the question. You can be certain that she will have no other option, but to say “Yes” to your proposition. You can also celebrate the moment with a box of Plum Cake With Chocolate Rocks n Blocks.

Plum Cake With Chocolate Rocks n Blocks

Create A Handmade Calendar With Pictures Of Your Partner

If you can manage it, try taking a picture of your partner every day of the year. Once you have the pictures for an entire year, you can sit down to create a handmade calendar with those pictures. For every date, paste the picture that you took on the same date of the previous year.

You can also add some notes on what your partner was doing at the moment when you took the pictures (if you remember any), or add a romantic message for the following year. When it is ready, top it up with a box of Spice Up Your Life Assortment chocolates.

Spice Up Your Life Assortment

Create A Cubic Photo Album

Take a few pieces of plywood and create a cubic photo album that holds four pictures on the four lateral sides of the album. On the top side of the album, add a cheesy love message for your partner. You can take pictures of you and your partner on a regular basis and update the album from time to time. A fengshui laughing buddha can also be a different kind of gift.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

A Box Of Memories

Present your partner with a box full of memories of the past year. You can also add some memorabilia, if you have some. For example, the tickets of a movie that two of you have been to, the receipt of the coffee that you had together at the favorite coffee-joint of your partner, and similar other things.

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