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5 Cool Baby Gifts

A baby is one of the most precious gifts from God who brings a world of happiness to the parents he or she is born to. Parents bring the best of everything to their newborn and shower him or her with the best of everything.

People who come to visit the baby also get nice gifts for the new parents and the baby. You too can choose from these 5 cool baby gifts when you go to meet a new born baby next time.

Innovative and Super Cool Baby Gifts

Toiletries Set

A toiletry set which consist of all the basic toiletries which the little baby would require can prove to be a very cool gift. The parents will not have to purchase it as it is a basic necessity item and they will not be able to thank you enough for it.

Just drop in a box of Indulgent Chocolate Rocks along with this cool gift which is a delicious chocolaty box consisting of 2 sections that have been divided equally into almond and fruit and nut rocks. Absolutely hard to resist and wrapped in a nice wrapping paper, it is the ideal gift!

Indulgent chocolate rocks

Cool Clothes

Buy a set of cool clothes and accessories like frocks, t-shirts, caps, socks and pants depending on the child’s sex. If you want your gift to look cooler, buy clothing’s of different sizes so they last for a longer time and the parents can use them one by one.

And just wrap them with a box of Chocolate Nutty Combo which has some superb bishop nut cookies and vanilla oatmeal cookies which offer an unique combination of nuts and chocolate with the goodness of oatmeal.

Rich Chocolate Nutty Combo

Rattles Set

Yet another cool gift would be an entire set of rattles and noise making toys to attract the little one and divert his attention. You can make a nice set by combining rattles of different shapes, sizes, noises and colors and gift it to the little baby when you go to meet him.

If you feel that the rattles are not enough just get a box of Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment which is a huge box containing 30 mouth watering chocolates in different flavors like hazel, orange, passion fruit, mocha praline and French biscuit praline. It has a taste which you will never be able to forget and are sure to ask for more.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Play Gym

A play gym is one of the coolest and most useful gifts for a new born as he can enjoy seeing the various toys that hang from the bars of the play gym. These toys attract the little one and as he grows, he tries to hold them and pull them.

If you want to make your gift even cooler, simply purchase a Chocolate Cake gift combo and gift it with the play gym. This box has some chocolaty and fudgy chunks along with a delicious dry fruit cake which will surely melt in your mouth. It is enriched with flavors like passion fruit, mocha and orange.

Chocolates-Cake Gift Combo

Clothes Rack

You can also gift the little one a nicely decorated clothes rack so that the new parents can tore all the clothes of their baby in it in a neat and organized manner. These racks are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs and look really cool in a baby’s room.

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