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5 Best Winter Wedding Decorations

Winter weddings are one of the best things to happen to you. Winter wedding falls near Christmas where you can decorate your wedding merrily. Winter comes with colours like white, blue, silver and gold. If it is not a theme wedding you can select one particular colour or combine all the colours mentioned above.

Avoid using dark colours and make people attend Santa clauses wedding! Keep reading to get some ideas for cold weddings. Stack up the gifts in unique fashion not making it look like Christmas.

Best Winter Wedding Decorations


Flowers are replaced by rough pine cones tied together with a ribbon or kept in a glass bowl with candles. Flowers are very rare at this time of the year.

Centrepieces made from pine cones and silver ribbon is outstanding that add the wanted rusty and chilly look to your wedding. To decorate these pines in a bowl, with chocolates is a good idea to kjeep the guests warm and happy. Buy decorative chocolates from rocks.

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Eternal Wreath

Wreaths are carried by the bride when she walks down the aisle. Make these wreaths look wintery by making them from white roses, wax leaves knotted in a silver ribbon which forms a bow at the centre. This is a symbol of eternity because it is circular in shape and will not go for summer or spring weddings where a bouquet or flower bunch is used.

Ice Cake

Winter weddings are all about snow, snowflakes and white. Having made the cake also look like winter by using white fondant or white cream decorated with winter flowers, pines, shiny snowflakes which are headed by a monogram of the happy couple at the top. There are wedding cakes made in chocolate or butter cream flavour covered in white fondant and mounted on each other. Cake served with wedding chocolates rhyme with the winter wedding.

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Light Up

To fight the cold, you need to provide heat. What better than light will give you heat? Decorate the hall in white lights covered in net. Please do not go for lights in different colours other than white for winter weddings. They happen to be mood killers. Lighting candles and dias on tables give the necessary warmth to your wedding. Keep refreshments like white chocolate to keep the guests warm.

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Winter is Coming

This is the first thing you do, make an invitation that speaks about winter before even opening it. Play with words on a handmade paper which has flower petals in it in gold font. Wrap this in a transparent bag with snowflakes of various sizes stuck on it. Seal it with a blue ribbon and a monogram of you and your fiancés initial to give it a personal touch. Do not forget to pack your bakers pride dry fruit cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Winter weddings need extra care like providing shall and coats in case of an outdoor event, while tea and sweets throughout the ceremony. This is an appetizer that will make the guests circle back. Arrange for bonfires if you conduct the wedding at sunset. Make the dresses of the bride, groom and the folks thick, in multiple layers, just to keep them warm

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