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5 Best Surprise Gifts For Husbands

If you love to give surprise gifts to your husband on several occasions as well as on general days then the chances are that you are now running out of list for tentative gifts for him.

The good news is that once you have fallen short of regular gifts you can always think of something new, exotic and exciting which will tantalize his sense of taste and will keep him intrigued.

Best Surprise Gifts For Husbands

Chocolate Box

Imagine this. It’s a holiday today and your husband wakes up in a leisure manner. He turns around on the bed and finds a glittering packet – something wrapped in a beautiful gift paper. Pleasantly surprised, he opens the box and finds a lovely message tagged with a box of chocolates.

Voila! His day is made. To make this scene reality all you need to do is to order some very nice chocolates available online. Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box, Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley, Sophisticated Chocolate Collection, Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates, Almonds in Chocolate Surprise are some very good options. These chocolate boxes come in quite attractive packing and make them an irresistible gift.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise


Every man needs a pen for his work irrespective of his profession. Writing with a nice pen while working gives a different kind of high and also reminds him about the love and surprise gifts you keep showering on him.

Next time, try to gift him a nice pen with a box of truffles and find him hugging you lovingly. You can buy some ‘manly’ truffle available online like Mocha Truffle, Rum Truffle ,etc. These are some of the best truffles available online with an exotic taste and flavor.

mocha truffle

Personal Care Products

Some products never go wrong with men. Shaving cream, sunscreen, body wash, after shave lotion are some examples. You can make a nice kit of all these products also. Buy a nice basket and decorate it with a nice glittering tissue cloth. Throw in all these products in the basket and gift him with aplomb.

A Magazine Subscription

If your husband is fond of reading then gifting him a one year subscription of his favorite magazine is the most unusual and yet a very nice gift. You may find it odd to gift him a single piece of paper. If so, gift him that wonderful piece of paper with a nice box of cake and a teddy. Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar with Teddy makes a nice accompaniment.


The nutty taste of this chocolate and the nice flavor makes it an alluring gift.  Wrist watch A nice wrist watch is always a cherished gift for a man. Gift him a wrist watch this time in a new shape and color.

If he does not have many sporty watches then it is a good idea to gift him one. On the contrary if he does not have anything with a nice formal and sophisticated look then gifting him one is a great idea. Either way he will love it.

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