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5 Best Party Ideas For Teenagers

It is a brainstorming act to arrange a party for teenagers. All that the party is about is ‘cool’ and full of friends, with lots of entertainment stuff. To make this task easy for you I suggest you to involve the teens in the planning to get their perspective and vision. To make this task even easier I have made a list of top party ideas for teens, I hope you find it helpful and teens enjoy it.

Best Party Ideas For Teenagers

Face book Party

Let us begin with the most enjoyed topic by every teenager, Face book. Arranging a party of photo shoot is the main idea of this theme. Any teenager likes to click photos of themselves with friends in different costumes and locations. Arrange a set of costumes like pirate, cowboy, princess, super girl and so on from the local accessory shop.

Give your party a real photo shoot feel by having makeup artists, hairstylist and photographers included. Click, print and update it on face book will make any teenager happy and your party will earn a cool tag from a teenager attending this party.

Masquerade Party

Teenage is full of dreams and coincidences, what better than a masquerade ball party will satisfy this need. Dressed up participants in elegant gown and designer tuxedos and of course an elegant masks gather in a hall with dark lights which is playing ball music.

This is what masquerade party theme all about. Meeting a stranger, talking to him/her and having the best time with an unknown person are thrill in masquerade party.

Slumber Party

A night full of gossip and play is any teenagers dream. Slumber parties are most popular among teenage girls. Getting comfortable in Pjs and jumping on the bed, shouting on top of their voices is an unusual fun element only understood and reciprocated by teens.

Watching a movie or simply dancing on favourite rock music with lot of friends is a perfect slumber party enjoyed by every teenager; festive-cookie-assortment is a fantastic side dish for a slumber party.


Retro Party

Living in the era of old Hollywood is the life of this party. Designing the invites in black and white colour combination and setting up a red carpet to give it a glamorous touch will favour the teenage crowd’s attention. Select a dress code for the girls with red lipstick and guys with a bow tie.

Spice up the party by electing the retro king and queen. Having provided the refreshments like popcorn, soda and burger will complete the party decor.

Adventurous Party

This is a special party for teenage boys. Adventure is that causes adrenaline rush in any teenage boy. Arrange rock climbing, paragliding or river rafting at a site which is decorated with tents, bonfire, good food and drinks. Arranging games at the bonfire is an added fun element of this party. Treasure hunt is most commonly played game at such parties. Food siders like indulgent-chocolate-rocks are perfect for this kind of party.


Have a camera handy to capture the victory moments that will remind the guests of their teenage life down the memory lane.

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