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5 Best Ideas For First Anniversary Gift

First Anniversary Gift

The first anniversary is special as it marks the end of a year spent with each other. It is an occasion to celebrate togetherness, love and trust. The traditional gift for the first anniversary is symbolized by paper. Because of this reason it is also called as paper anniversary. Therefore traditionally an ideal gift would be to gift something which contains paper. However you can also go for modern gift ideas. Here are some of the best gift ideas for a first anniversary gift:

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Paper Flowers

This can be the best gift idea for first anniversary. You can gift the couple a bouquet of paper flowers. The flowers representing first anniversary are pansies. So you can also choose to create a centerpiece using this flower. You can either purchase it or make it all by yourself. The best part about gifting paper flowers is that they do not require special care and never die. It will remain as a memory of the special occasion.

Tickets to an Event

You can buy tickets based on the couple’s interests. You can pick up tickets to a musical concert, museum, amusement park, festival, sports event that the couple will enjoy together. These tickets are offered by many stores as well as websites. You can also opt for buying a tour ticket for two to a romantic getaway for this special day if it suits your budget.

Anniversary Card

This is a thoughtful gift you can give the couple which they will preserve it for a lifetime. It is an ideal way to convey best wishes to the couple on their anniversary. You can choose a card with creatively written messages and heartfelt wishes.

There is a wide range of anniversary cards available. You can find a card that has some space left on the side to write your own message to the couple. The selection of the card depends upon your relationship with the couple. You can purchase it from a gift shop or online. You can buy an Anniversary Card and can also send a gift along with this card.

Anniversary cards

A Special Book

You can gift the couple a few books written by their favorite author. If the couple loves to read good books then this would be a good gift choice. Look for a book they would love to read together over and over again.

Laughing Buddha

This can be the best gift options for the couple. Laughing Buddha is known for bringing happiness and prosperity. It is a famous gift as the best gift for anniversaries. It is known to bring about good luck and wealth to the couple. You can choose the Fengshui Laughing Buddha as its cute and brings in positive energy.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

These are some of the best ideas for a first anniversary gift. You can choose a gift which will put a smile on the couple’s face. It does not make a difference regarding how expensive the gifts are. What matters the most is your love and affection behind giving the gift.

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