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5 Best Housewarming Invitation Cards

Housewarming Invitation Cards

This is definitely an achievement of lifetime for anyone who has bought a new home. This occasion needs to be celebrated with your well wishers and people who will be proud of you. Let the house be small or big, house warming is an event that celebrates this achievement.

An invitation that speaks about the tone of your house warming party is the best thing to embrace the beginning of this celebration. To help you solve this dilemma, I have listed the best ways to invite your guests to warm your new house with love.

Best Housewarming Invitation Cards

Simple Invitation

This is a way to invite your guests politely indicating the location, timing and the theme. A simple invitation card imply that it is quoted in simple words with happy color combination. Simple invitation card will indicate about the cosy party that you are hosting with your close friend or family in a comfortable atmosphere. You can buy some online cards from greeting-cards which will make you and your guest happy and welcoming.

Simple Invitation

Handicraft Cards

These are a hit variety of invitation cards in the Indian market today. Invitation cards made of hand paper of your choice with colour and texture combination close to your house design or your tradition. Handicraft cards can be decorated with ribbons, artificial flowers, mirror beads and transparent paper. Selecting bright and golden sequence decorative items will light up the invitation card and send the excitement of the new house to your guests.

Picture card

This is an exact depiction of your dream. In this type of invitation card, a nice picture of your new house is on the cover and the detailed address at back. This invitation needs an RSVP to get the exact number of guests attending your house warming party. This is way to invite people to enter your dream and shoe them your excitement about it. You can spice up this invitation with a good luck charm fengshui-laughing-buddha to ensure positive energy being invited to your house.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

E- Card

This is the fastest way to invite a long list of guests. In fact you can tweek this type of invitation with video, voice or animated add on’s. This is a personalized invitation where you can announce your date, time and place in a way you want or you think will be appreciated. There is a wide choice on internet to make e cards and mail it to your near and dear one well in advance to make your house warming a successful event.

Box Invitation Card

This is new addition to the trend of invitations. Having made sheets of different invites like announcement of the new priced possession on one sheet, date and time on other, address and route on the next, theme or flavor of the party and lastly RSVP. Tying this pile of cards together with a nice ribbon in a box will complete your invitation.It is a happy occasion; reflect it in words and colors of happiness.

And as we all know cards can tell a lot more than any other communication!

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