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5 Best Housewarming Games

Housewarming is a show off time; usually this is an awkward moment for newly met neighbours and in laws. Right from planning to buy a house to plan a house warming party it has been a tedious job without any rest and time to celebrate.

Playing games at housewarming parties is the right thing to do that serves many purposes. It helps you know your neighbours, breaks the ice between family members and of course helps you relax by having some fun. To keep your guest energised engaged, keep boxes of fruit chocolate spread equally throughout the house.

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5 Best Housewarming Games

Treasure Hunt

Select a home decor and hide it somewhere in the house. Make chits of clues that are not very obvious but tricky. You can spice up this game by making teams and writing the clues in form of puzzles. As a token of appreciation, hand over a box of cherry chocochip nutty mix to the winners.

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Word Game

This is a game that is enjoyed by all age groups. Select a word like housewarming or the name of your house and instruct the participants to make small words using the letters in the given word. The one who makes maximum words wins. This game can also be tweaked in order to complicate its difficulty level. Keep a 18 Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box handy as this game can go on for some time.

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Locate Me on The Map

In this game, enlarge a map of your city or town and flag some houses with the names of guest on it. Ask the guests to pin the correct house on the correct address, this way you will know your neighbours and their neighbours as well. Make this game interesting by restraining the time limit. You can keep a bakers pride dry fruit cake as a prize for the winner.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Make a Room

Again a team game, divide guests into teams and assign one room to each team. Supply essentials like glue sticks, cardboard, curtains, bed covers, pillows, doormats, wall hangings etc and ask them to decorate the room in a given time. These decorations may not be appreciated by you, but will give you new ideas. This game increases the interaction between the team members. It also helps your guests know you better.

Know Your Guests

This is a game specially made for occasions like housewarming, where a bunch of strangers hang around. In this game make all the guests write down a thing that they like to do in their spare time. Gather all the chits in a bowl and mix and distribute them. The task is to find out whom does the chit belong to after gambling. This is a stress free way to know people and make them talk about their hidden talent.

There are other games like pictionary, housie, card games, and karaoke, facts about city or town, monopoly, dumbsherads, mad lips and so on. These games need very little preparation but earn you a lot of knowledge about your guests. Playing games at housewarming parties is a great idea because the warmth and happiness spreads through games where guests want to visit your house over and over again. Games give you happy memories of your new house’s warming party.

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