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5 Best Housewarming Baskets

A house is converted into home by warmth of the people living in it. Having received a basket of multipurpose things makes you happy like a small child,same happens when you are at the giving end of the process.

To experience this feeling the correct combination of things in the basket is needed, this article will help you make a basket that will warm someone’s house exactly the way you want. The variance is from a fruit basket to an electronic basket; let’s look at it one by one.

5 Best Housewarming Baskets

Hardware Basket

To move in a new place needs lot of effort, for which people are nominated and monitored. But often after the shifting, there is a newly discovered hole in the wall or a leakage in the drainage.

For this a tool kit is essential. Make a basket of hardware tools from a cello tape to a drilling machine, wrap it in a plastic coating and gift it to the owners of the new house. Make sure you include the items like nail cutter, scissor and army knife in your hardware basket.To spring a surprise, you can keep a  real feather rose along with the hardware.

Real Feather Rose

Green Basket

As the name signifies, this is basket to promote tree plantations. A small garden in the backyard or a row of plants in the terrace is wished by many but left out due to priorities like furniture and so on. Gathering gardening tools, fertilizers, plantation books, plants and pots in a basket will mark the beginning of the green revolution in the house. To give it a more natural touch, make this basket from the degradable material.

Chocolate Basket

This is bunch of happiness wrapped in a basket. As the name suggests, a basket full of chocolates is what this is. Include one or two chocolates of each variety, for example dark chocolate, white chocolate, liquor chocolate, candy bar, fruit chocolate and so on. Include chocolate truffles and bars to make your basket mouth watering.

 chocolate truffles and bars

Wine and Cheese Basket

This is a basket that every host wants. This is a heavenly basket with minimum three bottles of wine. Wine choice depends on you; pick up the local wine along with cheese of different types, like cheese cubes, string cheese, cheese spread. Chocolates can also be included in this basket just to give it a festive touch. Chocolates like dark chocolate complement the basket of wine.

Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc Collection

Meal Basket

This is my favourite of all the baskets. This is a basket full of immediate food supplies like bread, milk, butter, fresh orange juice, cheese, chocolate and water. Packing this grocery along with napkins and spoons makes this basket a survival kit during the hectic days of shifting the houses. Anyone who is involved in the move will be more than relieved to get such a basket which allows them to skip kitchen worry for a day or two and that’s what makes this a perfect present. The bakers pride dry fruit cake can also be placed for dessert.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Gift baskets are easily personalised, the motive of these baskets is comfort. It is a very unique way to say ‘welcome home’ to the new residents.