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5 Best First Year Anniversary Ideas

First Year Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary is a special date in a married couples life. The first anniversary is important because it marks a successful beginning with the person you love. The first anniversary is one of the most exciting events for the couple as they can celebrate the day when they exchanged vows for the first time after one whole year. It is a day to celebrate love and togetherness. Some of the first year anniversary ideas which can make the anniversary day memorable are:

Best First Year Anniversary Ideas

Remember your Wedding Day

This is the perfect time to remember your wedding day. You can watch your wedding video and photographs together. Rewatching wedding video together will help you connect with your partner and make the day even more special. Cherish the old memories that you have created together as a couple. You can also have some of your wedding menu food items on the anniversary day.

Go for a Second Honeymoon

This is one of the best anniversary ideas. You can take a day off and head for a romantic getaway. It allows you to connect with your partner all over again. You can opt for a place where you both always wanted to visit. Order a luxurious room and relax together wiping out the memories of the world away. But make sure to organize the trip well in advance. Whichever location you choose spend quality time with each other.

Romantic Dinner

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of you at a lavish restaurant. You can feast on some of your favorite meals at the restaurant. This is the best way to reconnect and celebrate your love. You can also cook dinner at home by including your spouse’s favorite dishes in the menu. To make it even more special you can play some romantic songs during your dinner together.

Throw a Party

One of the best ideas to celebrate anniversaries is by throwing a party for your close friends and family to share your special moments. But it requires a good amount of planning in advance. You can make a list of people you would like to invite, decide a menu and settle for a good venue. To add fun to your party, you can play some good classic songs or romantic music and dance your heart out. Take photographs during the party and create an album which you can revisit later to refresh your celebration memories.

Gift your Spouse

Surprise your spouse by gifting a traditional or modern gift on the anniversary. You can try out on traditional gifts that are different for each year. You can also gift assorted chocolates with attractive packing. You can buy a fancy gift  pack as it has some lovely nut chocolates which are wrapped beautifully inside the pack.

fancy gift  pack

It is an ideal gift choice for an anniversary. Whatever you choose to gift make sure that it is expressive and well appreciated by your partner.

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