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5 Best First Year Anniversary Gifts

Buying a gift for the first year anniversary can be pretty stressful. You want something special but at the same time, you’re afraid that you’ll make a mistake and buy the wrong gift. For a couple celebrating their first year of togetherness, the traditional gift material is paper. There are a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to paper gifts. Let us give you the 5 best gifts for first year anniversaries to give you an idea of what to get your spouse:

Best First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas


Books are treasures that everyone loves. If your spouse is an avid reader, get a book that you think they will love. If you are not sure which one to get, go for classics as they never get old and they can be read over and over again. You can go to antique stores to find old books that are in their original state. If your spouse is a romantic, getting a book of poems is a wonderful idea.


For a memorable gift on your first anniversary, gift your spouse with a portrait, preferably a pencil sketch so that you keep the tradition of paper. You can either get a photograph of your spouse or one with the two of you together that you love and commission a local artist to do a sketch. Get a good frame and you are ready with a great gift to give your spouse.

Personalized Newspapers

This is a great modern yet traditional gift. You can find companies who will create fantastic customized newspapers for your anniversary. All you need to do is provide them with photographs and they will come up with stories and articles about your relationship and your first year of marriage. This is a gift that is unique and it will be loved dearly.


Every woman loves chocolates and what better way to surprise your sweetheart on your first year anniversary than with a box of delicious chocolates? It is a romantic gesture and it is a classic so it never gets outdated. Get a box if premium chocolates for your love this anniversary. My favourites are  the Divine Chocolate Box and the Twinkling Hearts Chocolates.

Divine Chocolate Box

Love Letter

What is more romantic than writing a love letter for your beloved to mark your first year together? You can use a plain white sheet of paper or an aged one to give it a romantic feel. If writing is not one of your strengths, you can borrow a love poem from a book and have it inscribed on paper. This is one gift that your spouse will treasure forever.

Lily of the Valleys

The traditional flower for first year anniversaries is the Lily of the Valley. This beautiful and fragrant flower is the ideal one to give your spouse this year. Get a large bouquet of this flower with ribbons and a personal note. It is sure to make your sweetheart’s day especially if it is delivered in the morning. There is no simpler but romantic gift than flowers.

Getting a gift that is personal and heartfelt is better than anything else. You should make sure that no matter what you get your spouse, you have put some thought into it. What they like and do not should be a factor as it can prevent you from buying the wrong gift on this special occasion.

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