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5 Best Elegant Wedding Cakes

Cake is an integral part of the wedding. By integral I mean as important as the bride and the groom. Having a designer cake adds life and personality to your wedding.

This ice laden treat of sugar and frosting can make your love affair a tasty one. Having more than one flavour may spoil the mood of the cake. The most graceful cakes that will complete your wedding are listed below.

Best Options For Elegant Wedding Cakes

White Cake

White is the wedding colour and also the wedding cakes colour. This is a four tired cake, with tires decreasing in diameter with the advancing height. This is cake is a yummy blend of two flavours, ricotta and maraschino cherries blended in mouth watering whipped cream.

The alternating taste of ricotta and cherries cover in white fondant decorated with elegant chocolate fondant design and whipped cream balls at the end of every tire. The surface where the cake rests is covered with smothered chocolate from white chocolate.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Strawberry Heart Cake

This is a 5 tire strawberry cake, in the shape of a heart. There is a firm metal of plastic frame with five tires in the shape of heart in ascended like stairs. Each stair has a heart shaped strawberry cake covered in white fondant.

These tires are decorated with edible flowers like roses or lily sans sugar ribbons. This cake is equally tasty as it looks, it might perhaps avoid you from cutting it. The bakers pride dry fruit cake should very well serve the purpose.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Retro Romantic Cake

A chocolate cake with alternate layers of whipped cream and choco chips covered in white fondant and mounted on top of each other is three different shapes is the retro cake. The name retro is significant for its colour combination, white fondant and dark chocolate elegant design strokes of one side of the shape.

As a symbol of love, dark red edible roses can be kept atop. This is a perfect cake for chocolate lover couple. The choco chips in the cake are added from rocks.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks box

Autumn Cake

The cake of bright flowers is the autumn cake. This is again a three tired cake, but the tires are large in width and the placed 2 inches apart from the next tire. This cake is made of smooth caramel frosting filled with apple pie.

This is covered in a whipped cream made of chocolate and made to be appeared like a square basket by texturing. The space between the three layers is filled densely with bright coloured flowers like hibiscus, rose, jasmine and green leaves made from sugary fondant. This is an admirable cake since its bright and single toned at the same time.

Sponge Cake

It is not how it sounds; sponge cakes covered in fondant and decorated gracefully accounts to be an elegant wedding cake. This is a six tired sponge cake covered in white fondant and decorated with white frosting balls at the end of every layer.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

To make it look like a wedding cake edible bride and groom miniatures are placed on the smallest tire. You can buy sponge cake from rich cakes and decorate and freeze it before serving.

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