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5 Best Diwali Gifts For Him

Diwali is almost here and you must have squeezed your head in making different permutations to pick a suitable gift for him. You fear that you’ll end up getting something ordinary or something he won’t like. As they say, Men will be Men and they won’t compromise with their choices. They won’t even try accepting the present formally so that you aren’t disheartened.

However, the tastes and preferences may vary according to personalities. While some guys plunge at electronics (especially gaming consoles), others love to enhance their wardrobe with exquisite Indian and western attires.  Thus, it is equally important for you to follow his interests and then choose one appropriate Diwali Gift. We have compiled a helpful list of top 5 gifts that he will absolutely fall in love with. Give him any one of these and we assure you the biggest smile on his face!

Attractive Diwali Gifts For Him


Traditional and common yet the best, chocolates never cease to be the perfect gift for all occasions, especially Diwali when ‘desi ghee’ laden Indian sweets are passed around all the time.  Gift him a pack of assorted Belgium chocolates, or better still prepare a huge basket and load it with his favorite chocolates and a small idol of Lord Ganesha. This sweet and chocolaty gesture will surely win his heart and will get you a thankful and happy hug instantly!

Delightful Chocolate Hearts


We all know that guys have this strange fetish for electronics, especially mobile phones and televisions. Diwali is the perfect occasion to buy home appliances. All good brands offer huge discounts and offers on Diwali and men go gaga over their favorite gadgets during this part of the year. So surprise your beloved with a high definition LED TV and be prepared to see a look of absolute surprise, awe, admiration and love for you on his face. To make the experience even better, get the TV delivered at his place along with a box of  cookies!


Gaming Console

No matter what age your man is, games and sports will always rank high on his list. So choose from the myriad gaming consoles available in the market- Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or Wii and let your guy know how much you care for his desires. These days motion sensing systems are a huge rage and with Diwali come numerous discount offers. You can also buy a few sought after game CD’s along with the console to gift him a complete package. Trust us, he will fall in love with you all over again. Don’t forget to pack the gadget with a Dry fruits.

Heavenly Cashew Delights

Wrist Watch

A wrist watch is a classic gift option which will never lose its charm and effect. You know your guy well. You know what he likes- a sophisticated and classy luxury watch or a cool and funky rubber strap watch. So go ahead and buy a wrist watch for him! With a hoard of national and international brands present in the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Men love wrist watches and they love them even more when they are gifted by their ladies. Keep up the mood live by presenting another Dry Fruits Hamper to him.

Sweet and Savoury Flavored Almond Treats


Diwali is the perfect occasion to gift your man Indian attire. Sherwanis are the most popular traditional attire for men on Diwali. So don’t think too much and get your handsome hunk an elegant and attractive set of sherwani.

 Plain Cranberry

He will not only love it but will also be impressed by your thoughtfulness. Make sure you don’t go overboard with embroidery though; men like it simple. Try packing a box of dried fruits along.

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