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5 Best Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding parties and reception take up most of your budget. It is not always a custom to spend a certain amount of money to have a fabulous wedding.

You can have an amazing looking wedding with a minimum amount spend on its look. All you need is a creative eye and some hands to help you. I have substituted the costly decors with simple ones in this article, not at the cost of the look!

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas


This is an art of folding paper and forming some sensible structures. Using light coloured tissue papers and your origami knowledge, you can make paper pomanders that will be used to decorate the chairs and the back drop. Tissue paper pom-poms also prove to be happy decors.

These are cheap and can be made at home. You can also attach these pomanders in bundles with ribbons and decorate the entrance. You can also decorate by keeping fengshui laughing buddha at different locations.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha


The centrepiece of the wedding ceremony is a task to make and find which fits your budget. Buy some versatile vases from the china market, and fill them with fruits, candies: Mendiants, decorative stones or flowers. These jars are cheap and go with any wedding theme. They are big enough to carry fruits and elegant enough to host flowers.

12 Pc. Assorted Mendiants Box

Paper Light

Paper lanterns are available online or in supermarkets which give your wedding a fairytale look in an instance. These are light up with LED lights which are cheap and one time use. Paper lanterns can be hung over the tables or near the ceiling, any way they will give your wedding a fairy look.

These are inexpensive and easily available.You can keep small bowls of chocolates or premium cookies on the tables as appetizers.

Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box

Bake and Eat

Turning the food into decor is a tricky but amazing decoration idea. You can decorate the food menu with bakers pride dry fruit cake.  The wedding cake need not be compromised. Display the wedding cake in the hall, without any other centre piece. You can minimally decorate the table that holds the cake with flowers or linen, which ever suits best.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Natural Location

This is the prime factor that needs to be considered while thinking about a budget wedding. The more natural the surrounding less is the decoration. Let nature take care of the decor. Just place nice ornamental plants around the venue and the back drop of the ceremony.

Decorate the tables with long lily’s as centrepieces. Take oaths at sunset which will avoid the cost on lighting. Use natures every move wisely to save money and look good. A photo shoot in nature is the cherry on the top.

The money which is saved wisely can be used to buy a house together or for the honeymoon. In any case do not compromise on the quality of the food, water and your dress. Many people plan to get married only once in a lifetime, they cannot afford health and make up fiascos happening at the cost of money. The cheapest wedding is a court marriage, but there is a thin line in budget and cheap, never cross it.

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