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5 Best Birthday Themes For Girls

It seems like yesterday when your daughter was a small kid with the most beautiful eyes and full of cuteness. It is time to make her birthday which is already special, a memorable one.

Organising a theme party is a wonderful option to achieve your goal. Themes for birthday girl must be chosen in accordance to her personality and choices. There are vast numbers of themes for girls, select any one of the following to make your princess a happy birthday girl.

Best Birthday Themes For Girls

Artistic Birthday Party

This is a unique theme for your little angle who likes to make things right from origami to own jewellery. Arts and crafts are a fun birthday party, since girls creativity is at work. This is a theme that engages teens and younger girls as well.

Having arranged a jewellery of beads and stones, pottery, clay work, finger prints craft; tie and dye party, t shirt painting or face painting events at such parties will make it special. For this theme, backyard of your house or even the living room will suffice the purpose. A return gift is the artefact made by the guests.  Make sure you have lots of premium cookies to serve to the guests.

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Spa Party

Pampering the birthday girl with massage, manicures, pedicures and hair spa is the best party for your angle. Inviting a few of her close friends to join this pamper day adds the element of fun to the theme.

Keep a watch on your pocket, to do so arrange home spa with candles, soft pillows, herbal skin care products like cucumber, rose water etc. To decorate the home spa ambience with truffle box will earn you that super mom title for once. Make it comfortable and simple is the heart of this theme.

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Pink Party

Girl and pink go hand in hand. This can be the easiest party theme and one of the most popular also. Pink party means decorate everything in shades of pink. Pink should be in curtains, table clothes, cake and food.

You can cover that extra mile by making a pink invitation with a pink dress code for the guests too. You can give away a fancy gift pack as a return gift. Associate a shape with the colour, so that you can decorate the ambience more close to the theme.

Character Party

This is an obvious party theme for your little girl. Select a character of her choice like mini mouse, Dora, Cinderella or Hello kitty and then stage up! Including balloons, posters, cakes, dishes and napkins printed with the character theme makes up the decoration. Give away the return gifts in a bag of the character print.

Having made the cake in her favourite character will alone extend your daughters smile from one ear to the other. Tweety pie party themes are very popular these days.

A Tweety Pie

Princess Party

This is an all time classic theme which you can never go wrong with. Send out invitations in royal print speaking of the birthday theme. Make up the girls in the party look like princesses by wearing tiaras. Arrange a crown for the birthday girl.

There is a wide range of princess characters available from Disney to fairytales. Make it shiny, glittery, full of ribbons and classy. Having her wear a fancy dress and making her feel like a princess is this theme all about.

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