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5 Best Birthday Party Games For Kids

If your kid’s birthday is approaching near and you are planning to celebrate her birthday in a very exciting and fun manner than you must have pondered about games for birthday party. Are you bored of all the old games?

Do you want to organize some new games for your kids’ birthday party? If yes then you are at the right place. Here we are going to tell you some fun and exciting games for kids. Birthday party games for kids.

5 Best Birthday Party Games For Kids

Lemon Race

Lemon race is a very interesting game for kids. This game tests children’s skill to draw balance while running. It also tests their precision and  is a great fun over all. All you need is as many lemons and tea spoons as the participants. Ask the children to stand in a queue. Give them each a lemon and a tea spoon. Ask each kid to hold the handles of the teaspoons in their mouth and place the lemons in the spoons.

Ask them to cover a certain distance for the race. They should keep the lemon and teaspoon intact as they walk to and fro. Most of the children drop lemon at one or other point while racing. Those who drop the lemons are out of race. The who manages to hold the teaspoon and lemon in his/her mouth while racing emerges as a winner.

Receiving prizes at the end of a game is the biggest attraction of kids so give them some nice gifts. You can give Delectable Cookie Cake Combo as prizes to the winners.

Delectable Cookie cake Combo

Toffee Bobbing In The Water

This is another interesting game for the kids. For this game, buy lots of toffees and keep some serving bowls handy. For playing the game, take a bowl and fill it with water. Throw in some toffees in the bowl. Some toffees will float on the water and some will sink down to the bottom.

Now ask each participant to come and pick the toffees from his mouth. Tune the timer for a minute and tie the hands of the participant at her back. The one who picks maximum toffees from his/her mouth wins the game.You can give a cute teddy to the winner. I love you Teddy is one such great option for you.

i love you teddy

Ear Buds And Match Sticks Game

For this game you need to make pairs of children.  Try to pair children from same age group together. In a box, throw in some ear buds and match sticks. Now, ask the pair to come to play the game. Tie one hand each of the participants together. Ask the participants to pick ear buds and match sticks from the tied hands.

The catch is that one participant will only pick match sticks and other will only pick ear buds. Tune the timer to one minute and see who has picked how much. Ask other kids to count as the players pick the contents of the box. Excitement build up gradually as kids pick the contents and surpass others.

You can give some interesting things as return gifts like a combo pack of a toy and chocolate. Pista And Nutty Chocolate Box With Tweety is one such interesting prize.

Pista and Nutty Chocolate Box with Tweety

Pick the Coins

Another interesting game for kid’s birthday party, this game evokes lots of laughter and fun. Take a bowl and throw lots of coins in the bowl. Fill it with water and then throw lots of toffees in the bowl. This way, the toffees will float while coins will sink down.


Now ask each participant to come and pick the coins with index and middle finger without bending the fingers. Tune the timer to one minute and count the coins picked by the player.  For this game, you can give Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar With teddy as prize to the winners.

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