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5 Best Birthday Party Decoration

This is a compilation of very obvious things that any birthday must have but sometimes slips out of the organisers head. Birthdays are more than cakes, cards and gifts. It is a celebration of life for the birthday person. Making this already special day a memorable one is your task.

From one year olds who enjoy the colours and music to silver jubilee people who actually understand the meaning of the party, birthday parties must make everyone happy to sing the birthday song. I present to you a list of five birthday decorations that will light up your party.

Best Birthday Party Decoration

Stage Decor

Not every birthday party has a stage, it means the ambience decor. Joyful ambience is a result of garlands, streamers and strings. Let me explain more clearly, garlands of paper flowers in bright colour combinations, streams twisted and hung in equal or opposite lengths and lastly strings made of birthday persons photos or greeting cards intertwined with light strings lighten up the birthday place. Greeting cards to hang on these streamers can be bought on birthday cards will also serve the purpose.

birthday cards

Party Essence

The life of a party depends on the events happening in that party. For kid’s birthday party organizing indoor games, art and craft stalls make the guest enjoy the party. For an older birthday party music, dance and good food add life to the party. Make sure that the menu you select has at least one item that the birthday person is crazy about. And yes dont forget about chocolates! The Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection should do the job!

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection


Including cake in the decoration list is a new trend. Depending on the birthday party cake can be decorated. From a princess or a car designed cake to cake that looks like birthday person himself or his or her favourite character gives your birthday party a touch of excitement and fun. Decorating the tables with dark n light jumble will earn you extra points by the foodie guests attending the party.

Dark n Light Jumble


This is the best and the easiest way to decorate a birthday party. Selecting a theme depending on the likes and dislikes of the birthday person and then simply gathering all the elements that give life to the theme. For kids cartoon characters, for teens masquerade, early 30s a TV show theme, 40 to 50 a retro theme and so on. Maximum creativity is needed when you theme the birthday party.

Goodie Bag

This is the last piece that completes your birthday party puzzle. Goodie bags can be simple with sweets and funny stationery or goodie bags related to the theme you decide. In case of art and craft stalls at your party no need to give away additional goodies besides the one that the guests make.

A token of thank you is always appreciated and cherished. Arrange birthday caps, masks, masquerade and blowers to make your party look like a birthday party. These birthday accessories must be an updated version available in the market. You can keep a tweety pie in the goodie bags.

A Tweety Pie

Birthday parties are organised in honour of your loved ones, you enjoying the party will make them feel special and your efforts will not go unappreciated.

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