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5 Best Birthday Ideas For Men

Birthday is a day when you can make the man in your life feel special. The man could be your father or brother or boy friend. You may want to do something unique for your man but may be clueless about how to go for it.

If you are looking for something different rather than the usual cut-the cake ceremony then we can assure you that you have landed at right place. Here, we present you best of birthday ideas for men.

Birthday Ideas For Men

Wake Him Up With A Bright Smile

You can make his day memorable by waking him up with a bright smile and a loving kiss. Plant a kiss on his forehead and tell him that this day is special for you. If you want to do something more romantic then record a message in your phone and set it as morning alarm.

Place the phone near his ears and see him waking up with a nice smile on his face. To kiskstart his day with something sweet you can gift a small packet of chocolates of his choice like Custom Birthda Mix, Luxurious Chocolate Selection, Attractive Chocolate Collection, etc.

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Make Him Relax On His Special Day

Give him some relaxation on this day and spoil him a bit. If he likes to have bed tea then present him his hot cuppa saying that it is your way of pampering him on his birthday only but will not be allowed daily. This kind of relaxation will make him feel special.

You can massage his head with some essential oils to make him relaxed and pampered. While he is relaxing you can quietly slip a handful of chocolates in his hand to make him happily nestled in his couch. You can pick from white chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolate truffle or any other chocolate of his choice. If he is diabetic then gifting him sugar free chocolates is a good idea.

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Cook Something Special

Plan menu of the entire day as per his liking. Even if there are a few things which you don’t like much but he savors them, cook them for his sake.

He will be really touched by your way of showing affection for him. In the breakfast, make something traditional like ‘halwa’ which you can offer during morning prayers. Your menu need not be exotic. Just cook local delicacies which he loves.

Throw a Surprise Party

You can throw a small surprise party for him. Just invite a few of close friends and relatives with whom he feels comfortable. You can add a dash of drama by calling him up just 5 minutes before his coming and telling him that you are not feeling well.

As soon as he will ring the bell and will find a decorated living room with his bunch of best pals wishing him “Happy Birthday”, he will be pleasantly surprised and will sure cherish this surprise party for his life time. You can order a nice cake for the party like Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake.

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Gift Him Something He Has Longed For

Be thoughtful when you choose a gift for your man. Try to choose something which fits in your budget and which he really admires. Like, if your father is fond of music gift him a collection of his favorite music albums or of your brother has a keen interest in wild life, gift him a magazine subscription of some related magazines like National Geographic.

The idea is to think creatively and gift him something he will love forever. These birthday ideas are surely going to rock his day. For expressing love and affection you need not spend loads of money, all you need is creativity and empathy to make his day.

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