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5 Best Birthday Gifts For Husbands

Husbands are not as easy as girls to shop for. Be it any special day anniversary, valentines or his birthday, frustration grips you as his birthday nears. But don’t worry, all you need to do is to think of your husband, like a man before marriage and buy a gift which will make you the best wife and him a happy man on his day.

Getting a makeover sounds awesome for you and him, he will feel little young on seeing you get into the girlfriend look. To your rescue I have jotted down five gifts that will make your husband feel special on his day.

Best Birthday Gifts For Husbands


Making a toast is what any man likes, a champagne bottle or a classic wine bottle will suffice your purpose of surprising your beloved hubby. Alcohol is one gift which no man on the face of earth will deny. Searching of special vintage bottles online, the older and expensive the liquor, happier is the man. There are liquor chocolates available in the market or easily made at home. Chocolates without liquor twinkling hearts chocolates, but with a birthday flavour is the ideal gift.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates

Surprise Party

This is a gift of people is a gift for an outgoing man, a man who love to be around people. Making arrangements with close friends, cooking his favourite food and conducting this surprise party in his most enjoyed destination will complete your gift. Having planned another honeymoon works wonders on a man who loves hiking. This will also spice up your relationship for the better.

And Action!

This is a gift of memories. Memories right from before marriage, first anniversary, first child, and first job to current house and well being. Making a movie of old and new pictures suits to be the best gift for a person who is enthusiastic and appreciates your effort. Using soft ware’s like movie maker will give an extra flare to your movie.

If not friendly with the computer, simply make a slide show with your song playing at the background. This is my personal favourite gift, since it says about the togetherness shared with your husband. Including his childhood photos, parents and school will make you cover that extra mile in no time.

Gadget Guru

It is very rare to have a launch of a new gadget ion the same day of your husband’s birthday, for a tech freak husband getting a first copy of this kind of gift is like getting God. Keeping a track of the latest releases in phones, computers, cameras will be helpful if you are thinking of buying him a electronic toy.

Bake and Spa

Why not bake a cake of his favourite flavour? Add liquor if he is in the favour of it. Simply ordering a bakers pride dry fruit cake will make your task easy.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

And by spa, I mean body massage. He is the man of the house and needs to be pampered and relaxed in the same as you do. Giving a body massage in a spa like atmosphere with scented candles surrounding, is the best stress buster birthday gift.

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