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5 Best Birthday Gifts For Dad

Dad is one person who gets a last minute tie or shirt on his birthday, he appreciates the gesture but he will definitely love it if you think of his choices, hobbies and needs while gifting him on his birthday. Fathers have taken care of everything right from health, education to marriage now it’s your turn to show gratitude on his special day.

It is very important to understand the type of dad you are blessed with, for example is he a tech freak, sports person, cook or simply a passionate reader. To make it easy, you can purchase card for father to give words to your feelings. I have listed out the best gifts for dad’s birthday with a hope to help you make your old man happy.

card for father

Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad


For a father who has all the latest gadgets in market, it is very easy to shop. Buying the latest I phone, I pad or the latest model of Nikon will make your fathers birthday not only happy but crazy happy. In case of non techie dad, gifting a computer or a laptop will be useful for daily activities. Working or retired, gadgets will be welcomed with open arms by dad.

Off day

This is an innovative gift; all you have to do is to buy tickets to a place where he always wished to go or a concert or a match which he would though roughly enjoy. This will be a healthy break from the routine and will add some magic to the special day where your old man will feel proud about you.

Make up Kit

You might think this is my mistake to enlist this in fathers section, make up kit implies grooming products. It is a very sophisticated gift that speaks that your father likes to take care of his skin, finger nails and hair. Grooming products also have a lot of advancement, adding such fancy razor will increase the value of the grooming kit. This gift is suitable for fathers who are away camping or working.


It is not a weakness like women, but men love to eat chocolates. A fiesta chocolate rocks will serve your purpose. Liquor chocolates will earn you the ‘rare hug’ and will be a special day for you as well as him.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

Vintage wine, champagne or scotch with a decanter is the best gift ever. The price of the gift is immaterial, the thought behind is that matters.

Gift of Time

It sounds lame, but for a father watch is the only accessory. Having one on your wrist with a heavy brand name will definitely make your father’s day. Watch with latest styles and designs or just the way he likes it is good birthday gift. There are sport edition watches, just in case your dad is into sports.

Dads are not bothered about the price of the gift, all they care about is your gesture and the time you have invested in thinking of gifting a particular gift. So let’s get ready to make the most important man in you life happy on his birthday!

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